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Do you have any siblings?

Tweeted to me /and/ favorited the tweet I wrote, thank you very much.

I wouldn’t be so proud of that, I mean, it’s Taylor Swift, not Obama. Her music sucks. 

What did you even say to her? Or in general, that she liked?


I reiterate, as an officer, that there are still far better and superior ways to handle this than murder. It’s not a solution to a problem.

How would you handle a problem then?


Right, uh, what steps do you think I should take to prevent it from happening again? 

They were probably trying to discredit my career and public image. Maybe they’re a murderer and don’t want the jury to give my testimony any weight. The hacker could be a serious criminal! 

I don’t really know, I’m not an expert on IT security. But you have an internet security programme, right?

Oh? But… do people really check the private blogs of scientists who testify at trials? It seems a bit excessive and whether or not you think mushrooms are cool shouldn’t really matter, right?


It would’ve worked better if you did

Everyone keeps saying I’m not creative. I just got him and I don’t know what his name is so Cat.

Okay, but I don’t actually wanna lure strangers to my house. So maybe telling you to clean was a secret tactic to keep you away.

Maybe then everyone is right. Well, but can’t you have a look at him and then decide what he looks like and what name would suit him? He can’t stay Cat, you monster.


Thanks, Dustin! But no, this doesn’t mean there’s no homework. Nice try. 

Well, I doubt I’m tech savvy enough to spot the difference, but they didn’t steal any information or money or anything like that, so I’m assuming it wasn’t a hacker. 

Then I take back the happy birthday. Just kidding!

How would you know if information was stolen then? I mean, they wouldn’t delete the information from your computer… And this happened to another woman from here, too, someone posted weird messages in her name. Although maybe she got it wrong and it was a virus, not a hacker.