[pm] He did that with me, too, he told me something we talked about during detention. But I wasn’t sure if maybe this was his ghost messaging me

You’re welcome, but I don’t think I really helped the investigation in any way. I nearly texted you that he’s dead the other night Wish I could’ve been of more help, so he could’ve been found earlier. I probably shouldn’t have waited until the next day to tell you that he disappeared during detention… So I wanna apologise for that. 

[pm] You were frightened. And you didn’t know he had a sister. Or– well, I guess you did. But you didn’t know how to contact said sister. I still appreciate everything you did to help.

[pm] No, I thought maybe he’d had a family emergency and his phone died or something. And I didn’t want any of the other teachers to know that my detention was cut short.


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