[pm] Okay, but what is this ghost now? Did she take anyone else? Is she dead? What did she do to you? Also, are you alright?

Okay. But, um, about that essay. It’s not exactly done yet.

Yup, I won’t tell anyone at school that you have that fetish. I don’t think anyone would have believed me anyway without picture proof.

[pm] I don’t know if she has taken anyone else, I was the only one taken and anyone else who had attempted to leave was … well they were killed. But I couldn’t tell how long they’d been there, time runs differently there.

I’m not even surprised at this point. Fine. We’ll work on it over coffee?

I mean, I don’t have that fetish. I just don’t want it going around as a rumour.

[pm] What are you going to do about the ghost now? She can’t take anyone else.

Hey, I was worried you were dead! Why would I write my essay then? But sure, we can do that.

I just find it a little suspicious that your mind immediately went to fetish as soon as I mentioned clothes pegs.

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