Quinn: I thought you were going to call! Or knock! Not break in!
Quinn: It definitely matters. Because you said you didn’t know if magic was real.
Quinn: You don’t know he’s dead. Who says that this magic was even real? It was probably some fraud or something. I an probably find out better than you could about this.
Dustin: I already knew he wasn’t home. He’s missing, remember? Knocking wouldn’t have done anything
Dustin: I definitely knew it was real once you sent me those files, and I met that person after that happened
Dustin: I know for a fact the magic was real. Very real. And if it hadn’t worked, the compass would still be just a normal compass, but it’s spinning
Dustin: He’s dead
Dustin: How are you going to locate him then?
Dustin: Or rather, his body


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