Quinn: Did she go inside? Or just knock?
Quinn: You still should have told me.
Quinn: Weirder shit has happened in this town.
Quinn: Because I know how to do it. And it can tell you where he last was. Or check his credit card history. Or any number of things. If his phone is on him when he died then we can know where he was.
Quinn: IF he died.
Dustin: I’m assuming she went inside. And if not, the police would have by now.
Dustin: It’s his decision though who should know about it.
Dustin: I think the police has done that, right? They can do that stuff, I think. And they haven’t found him by doing that, I assume.
Dustin: I was there when the spell was done. He’s dead, Quinn
Dustin: He probably died that Tuesday when I hadn’t even told anyone yet that he just left the detention.


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