[pm] No, it doesn’t. There are levels — or a burden — of proof, like with level of force, that have to be gone through in order to consider you a suspect. With what I know so far, I don’t have any suspects in mind.  

Did he mention anyone or anything while you two spoke? How did he behave when he left to the bathroom? So he didn’t appear to be on edge? When he left to the restroom, did it look like he was in a rush?

[pm] Right. Because I have no motive. Or does wanting to get out of detention early count as a motive?

Yeah, that’s usually what happens when you speak. You mention stuff. But nothing suspicious? I tried to get him to tell me why he became a teacher in the first place. And he didn’t seem in a rush? Like, no more than anyone who wants to use the bathroom. This really isn’t very helpful, is it?


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