[pm] It’s okay. 

I know as much as you do. Sometimes there are hints in things that seem irrelevant which, based on my experience living here, would be often for this Ashkent Creek.

I’ll call the hospital and double check. Why did you have a bad feeling? 

I’m not sure, we can see if he had any recent outbound calls or GPS movement from radio towers in the area and go from there.

[pm] I don’t think there was anything, no. What do you think is most likely that happened?

I don’t know. Because it didn’t seem like he would just leave me like that in detention? I thought it might have been a family emergency but his sister didn’t mention one. So it’s odd. 

Okay, good. Can I help somehow? Like, are you going to need people to look for him? Or maybe I could talk to the other students at the school to see if maybe they noticed something?

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