If i were you, I’d take them all off the walls and leave them outside. Or maybe spend a few nights in a motel somewhere or something. Also I meant the sound part. But yeaaaa.

And You listen here ya little whispper-snapper. I am not a grandma ok. I just use my smart phone like a normal person. Plus this would have been the day where a selfie would have been useful. Especially if you’re avoiding mirrors. 

That sounds like a lot of work. Besides, I think they’re being weird all over town? It would be a lot if every single house did that. Besides, some mirrors are difficult to move. 

Whispper-snapper? Dude, you need to work on your insults. Like a normal person, what is that? How do you use your phone like a normal person, do you actually make phone calls? Okay, I’m gonna test if you’re actually a grandma: do you have snapchat? 


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