How is that even possible though? Like that just seems so weird. That someone was able to get into your house without you noticing and change everything. And good god yea thats a good thing. I mean thinking about it. Ok yea, just yea. 

No excuse. I mean doesn’t your generation take like 13 selfies before 9 am? 😛


I don’t know, maybe they drugged our water supply or something. It’s just plain weird. I want my mirrors back. Don’t say anything about that. Mirrors are important. Especially when your family is as loyal as a block of cheese.

Screw you, we don’t do that. Okay, maybe some of us do, but not me. I look horrible in the mornings, and what would I even do with 13 selfies? Also, what do you mean, my generation? You’re not that much older than me. Or do I need to start calling you Grandma Noah now, old man?


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