[pm] Then maybe it’s not a big rumor then. Who knows? Really? Finally! It’s so much easier texting you and stuff. Okay…. yeah, that’s pretty weird. But in Harry Potter you’re generally aware of it I think? Like you relive the memories. Were you thinking about me then? That is really weird. You’re super nice, why would anyone want to run away from you? And you give great cuddles. Because I don’t I’m pretty sure everyone has better hair than him.

[pm] Yeah. Also no one has said anything to my face. Yes, really! I’m so happy that mum slowly stopped being mad about the bill. Maybe it helps that I’ve done worse stuff in the past so it doesn’t look that bad in comparison. Hm, I don’t know the books by heart. But maybe she can do it without me noticing? And no, I wasn’t thinking about you. Is that a bad thing to say I mean I do think about you a lot just not in THAT second Well, she doesn’t know about me giving great cuddles, and also I don’t really give them away freely. Maybe she was annoyed that I was asking her about what she said about us? She basically denied even having said your name but now she’s admitted that she did. Really? I think this one is about equal with him when it comes to ugly hair.


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