[pm] I feel like the freshman know all the rumours. They’re so gossipy. C’mon, she doesn’t seem that bad. I think some things are weirder than others. This rumour is pretty un-weird. Sort of. Depends on how it actually works in real life. If it does work in real life. I wouldn’t be surprised in this town. I guess you could. But then she’d think you’re really weird. Could get rid of the crush though, if there is one. I dunno. Because you like me? That’s true. He’s more of an overly-large oompa loompa.

[pm] They do! They really do. And I texted her and she said that she hasn’t heard anything. Oh, by the way: I got my phone back! Finally. Also, this rumour might seem un-weird, but if she seriously did find out by sifting through my memories, that’s a little weirder. I mean, I really don’t know if she has a crush on me, she just seemed super strange in the nurse’s office and also practically ran away from me. Like. She literally ran down the hallway with a head injury. But why get rid of it if it is there? Like, it’s not hurting anyone. Oh my god, now I cannot unsee the resemblance. Although oompa loompas have way better hair.


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