[pm] Yeah but, if we were out in public or something anyone could have technically seen. Is it any weirder than the rest of what’s going on in town? Well, he’s hot, but he’s also old and a teacher. I don’t know, you can if you want. But, I mean, it’s not bad rumor. Or a false one. Haven’t you watched any TV shows? People do that all the time don’t they? Try and break others up or get in the way of relationships or whatever. I guess. I’ll ask around, but I doubt I’ll find anything.

[pm] I guess. Maybe we should not hold hands outside from now on But if there was really a rumour about us going round at school by now Lea would have heard it and told me, though. Maybe not as weird, but this town sets the bar of weirdness pretty high. Maybe Blanche can reads minds – maybe she’s a vampire. Although I wasn’t actually thinking about you when she started talking about us. I guess. You think he’s hot? Yeah, but it’s not going to stay like “Dustin and Quinn held hands”, they’re going to start saying other stuff, too. I don’t think that happens in real life, Quinn, people aren’t that dramatic in real life.

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