[pm] Supposedly. There are rumors that high school never ends. But yeah– my family is a little nuts when it comes to that stuff if you know what I mean. 

Yeah, I’ll talk to them. I’m almost certain there’s some program or something you can do to do that kind of thing. And I guess that’s how that happened. I don’t know.

[pm] That can’t be true. There has to be an end. I’ve seen people in college. Unless you’re suggesting this town is stuck in a time-loop that lets you repeat year after year, never able to move on? I can see that. I’m not totally sure what my family would be like since both me and my sister are single but my parents tend to be strict about stuff like that.

Awesome. Is nursing something that you are interested in, too? By the way, you got to witness my nursing skills today. Were you impressed?


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