[pm] I dunno. We’ve held hands a lot of times haven’t we? Or Kavanagh mentioned it maybe? Dustin, I have no clue. Why does it matter though? It’s not like she’s doing anything to try and break us up or something? Wait what?! Well you are pretty cute. But she’ll have to probably get over that. right?

[pm] But never where people could see. Especially from school. I would remember that. Hm. I asked her, and apparently she’s not hooking up with Kavanagh and getting secret intel about the other students from him. Do you think I should ask him if he’s told anyone though? It matters because she’s gotten it from somewhere, and she won’t tell me where, so there’s apparently this rumour going around at school about us and I can’t figure out where it’s coming from. Wait, break us up, like break up as in relationship I mean, she knows I held hands with you, so even if she did I don’t think she’d try anything. She also probably thinks I’m an asshole for pestering her so much but I just want to figure stuff out, you know?

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