Dean let out a prolonged sigh. In any normal circumstance he would’ve concealed his disinterest, but the circumstance was far from normal. The man couldn’t see him, so any effort to hide his facial features were pointless. “Here goes nothing.” He spoke in a low whisper.  Dean’s fingers pushed the piece of wood forward. His eyes widened as it moved to his command. His fingers pushed the wood over the letters Y,E,S. Yes?  Dean was almost ashamed at his response. It was such a Hollywood answer, he decided to move the wood and add to his word. D,E,A,N, G, A, R, R, I,T,Y. An introduction couldn’t hurt, especially not if their interaction was going to be a long night of questions.

The order of the questions Dean realized, could be reversed. In the majority of movies he’d seen involving Ouija boards, the figure with the board asked the ghost the inquiries. The ghost almost never, asked the figure with the board. The night might not be so long after all. Dean’s fingers moved the wood against the letters. W,H,O, A,N,D, H,O,W, A,R,E, Y, O,U? Dean figured if he was going to play the role of a ghost, he was going to be a friendly one. The line of salt around the house proved a citizen occupying it knew about the supernatural. They warded the house for a reason. The next step could’ve very well been an exorcist.

 The mere thought of exorcists made Dean question his decision to communicate with the human. As far as Dean knew, exorcists were vile, and stopped at nothing to destroy ghosts. Did he make the right choice? Was a conversation with a human like this safe? It was too late to change his mind. He’d already taken part in the game. The night had to play itself out.

fuck”, Dustin whispered as he felt the piece of wood move across the board
towards the first letter. Now, this part never looked this impressive in movies
during Ouija board scenes. Because it was always clear that in a group of teenagers,
at least one was controlling the movement by themselves, so it was always a
prank and not really a ghost. But Dustin was alone. There was no one else
pushing the piece across the board. At least no one visible to the human eye.

spelling out the word yes, the invisible force in his room that spelling out
something else. Something that resembled a name. Yes, it was a name. A name he
didn’t recognise, but that was no surprise. It was an introduction, wasn’t it?

was about to ask another question, when the piece started moving again on its
own accord, so Dustin held his tongue, dying to know what this entity had to
tell him. Speaking the letters one by one, he put together a question. Well,
technically it was two. Who and how are
Dustin frowned. This wasn’t how it worked. Normally, it wasn’t the
ghost who started asking the questions. This was strange. But he could work
with strange. “I’m Dustin Parrish,” he introduced himself, trying to keep his
voice steady and not show just how nervous he was speaking to whatever this was
he was speaking to. “I am great! Like, I mean it. It’s an honour to be speaking
to you, Dean. I hope it’s okay I call you Dean? Please don’t kill me for using
your first name.” Great, Dustin. Why did you give this strange entity ideas
about killing you? He needed to think. Think very carefully about what he
should ask next because this being probably couldn’t answer all of his
questions at once. He needed to prioritise. “Can I ask you what you are?”
Great, and now this being could just answer with yes and he would have wasted a
question. “I mean, if it’s okay, please tell me what you are,” he added, trying
to discreetly wipe his sweaty palm on his jeans.


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