[pm] I know my eyeshadow was kind of sparkly today but damn, I wasn’t expecting Edward Cullen jokes. I won’t tell anyone about you and Quinn, it’s not like it was any of my business anyway. I was just thinking out loud, really.

It’s actually super gross. I got to go to work with her and my dad once and they had me sit in the little box thing to watch the surgery  and it was super nasty.

[pm] You should be flattered, they’re way better than my Bella Swan jokes. Although why someone who is over a hundred years old would voluntarily take part in high school gym class, I have no idea. Uh, thanks. Even though if there’s really a rumour going around that’s not going to stop much. Can I ask how exactly your thinking aloud sentence was meant to end, by the way? That’s been bugging me.

That sounds really awesome, actually. I’d love to watch a surgery one day, but I’ve never had the opportunity. So, is your dad another surgical nurse? 


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