[pm] Agreed, I hate gym class. I don’t know why any of them would even bother attending high school. It’s so obnoxious. The sentence?Oh. Um. Something about how holding hands doesn’t pave the road to marriage and family or whatever. My Granny My family considers holding hands like an engagement or something— I held hands with one kid in 7th grade and my Granny still talks about him. It just reminded me of that, it wasn’t anything mean. Honest. 

Man I should hook you up with my parents or something. I’m sure they could get you in. Oh, no. My dad’s a surgeon. Like the guy doing the cutting and stuff. That’s how they met.

[pm] Me too. I’m so glad I barely have to attend. Yeah. The best part about high school is that after four years, it ends. Why would I want to spend my eternity repeating the same classes over and over again? Okay, that’s a little random. But okay, and I’d actually agree with you. Like, I’m not getting married just because I held hands with a boy. I didn’t actually think it was something mean. Okay, maybe a small part of me thought it might have been something bad about my possible sexuality

That would be so awesome, actually. Like, pretty sure the hospital would be okay with that, they do know me a little from my mum. That’s how they met and fell in love? Over some cut-open entrails? Very romantic. 


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