Quinn and Dustin spend the day getting to know each other a little better.

Dustin would be finished with this
worksheet already. He didn’t want to brag, but maths was definitely one of his
best subjects. It wasn’t that what they were supposed to be doing was
particularly difficult. He just couldn’t focus his mind on the numbers in front
of him for more than five minutes. There was just too much stuff going on –
stuff that was keeping his attention away from the work. The visions, or
memories, still hadn’t stopped, and they were becoming increasingly stranger.
On top of that, apparently he had spent a huge amount of money on calling
strangers over the span of a couple days. His memory of that event was starting
to become a little fuzzy. Why the hell had he done it? He couldn’t say. Oh, and
there was Quinn, of course. Quinn, who was currently sitting next to him in
class. Back when they had first became friends, changing seats had seemed like
a great idea. But that was before he’d known that sitting next to him could be
another distraction. Dustin couldn’t help but smile, turning his head to look
at him. On the phone Quinn had said that he /liked/ him. It had felt so good to
hear that, he’d never expected. Part of him had thought that after admitting
that he liked him, too, everything would change. That somehow, his life would
be different. But it wasn’t. They were still friends, and they still talked.
They just held hands sometimes. When suddenly, Quinn’s head moved as he looked
up, Dustin quickly diverted his eyes back to the worksheet in front of him.
Fuck, had he been caught staring?

had surprisingly calmed down a little bit for Quinn. Well, compared to normal at least. Normal for him in the
past couple of months meant getting attacked by various creatures. But after
the incident with the Harpy again, things were going pretty normal. Plus, he
and Dustin were… well, he wasn’t sure what they were exactly doing. It was a
lot of talking and hanging out, all mixed with hand holding, which if he was
being honest was one of his favorite parts. He was almost done with the
problems their teacher had assigned when he thought he felt eyes on him. He
finished up one of the equations before looking and glancing over to Dustin. He
caught just the edge of Dustin looking away before he grinned. The classroom
was silent except for the scratch of pencils, so he couldn’t say anything to
him. But he continued looking for a minute, grinning and just appreciating that
Dustin was there, next to him.

staring down at his worksheet a little without actually registering the numbers
in front of him, Dustin slowly
lifted his head, turning it a bit to the side to glance back at Quinn, only to
see the other boy look at him while grinning. Damn, he totally had been caught,
hadn’t he? But… that wasn’t the end of the world. He was totally allowed to
look at Quinn in class if he wanted to. Shooting him a small smile, Dustin
leaned closer. “Could I possibly borrow your eraser?” he asked,
despite the fact that he had his own in his pencilcase and that there wasn’t
actually anything he needed to erase. He just wanted to talk to him. But if he
talked about anything else, everyone around them as well as their teacher would

Quinn had to stifle a laugh when Dustin
looked up at him. He could see the look flit across his face about getting
caught, and just grinned wider. How had he not noticed just how cute Dustin
could be. As the thought came to his mind, he felt his face heat up a little
bit, and glanced away for a moment. “Oh, yeah,” he said with a small
smile. He reached down and dug into his backpack, rooting around for a spare
eraser. He finally found one and pulling it out with a grin. “Here,”
Quinn said with a small smile, holding the eraser with a soft smile.

Dustin smiled, watching Quinn go through
his bag. “Thanks,” he mumbled, reaching out to take the eraser from
him. When his fingers brushed against Quinn’s, it was /honestly/ an accident.
Honestly. Turning back to the paper in front of him, he still had a smile on
his face despite the fact he now had to erase a line that was completely correct,
just to keep up the lie. Damn. For the first time, he doubted he would actually
finish the worksheet in time. He started writing the equation again when his
eyes strayed back to the boy in the seat next to him. More specifically, his
hands. Why did they have to be in class? Or why was handholding not a socially acceptable
platonic classroom behaviour?

Quinn felt the way their fingertips
brushed and couldn’t help but smile again. He wasn’t sure if it was intentional
or not, but he enjoyed it, and almost reached out to grab his hand again. But
he didn’t, pulling it back and turning back to his work, with an occasional
glance back at Dustin. It was weird not being able to do whatever he wanted in
class, and sucked as well. It’d be nice to just reach out and hold Dustin’s
hand or something, while he was working. More than likely it would be very
distracting though. But Quinn was pretty much finished here anyway.
“You’re welcome,” he said back with a grin, glancing up to see if
their teacher was looking at them. He wasn’t.

Dustin smiled at him before turning
around to reach into his backpack for his phone to check the time, when he
realised that no, he still hadn’t gotten his phone back from his parents. He
was about to ask Quinn for the time when he remembered that there was a clock
hanging on the wall next to the door. Right. Clocks were still a thing. He
almost forgot with how often he used his phone to read the time. He sighed.
They still had half an hour left before they could get out… Placing Quinn’s eraser
on the palm of his hand, he held it out for the other boy to take it back.

Quinn was just about to finish off the
problem he was working on when he caught Dustin’s movement from the corner of
his eyes. He saw him go through his backpack before reaching out to him. With a
small smile, he reached out too, taking the erase and smiling as he let his
fingers drag across Dustin’s hand. Quinn did it on purpose, mostly because he
missed the contact, and not really taking into account that they actually were in
class. But he smiled anyway, putting the erase back on his desk and going back
to his work.

Okay. So Dustin had sort of been hoping Quinn would make contact with him
while taking back the eraser, but he hadn’t really expected him to just brush
his fingers against his hand like that. He opened his mouth, almost to say
something, but there was nothing he could say in front of the entire class. He
watched Quinn get back to his work, and so Dustin tried to do the same. Except
his mind wasn’t in it because if he was completely honest, all he wanted was to
hold his hand again. To be alone with him. Once an idea formed in his head,
Dustin raised his hand. When the teacher, preoccupied at the front of the
class, didn’t acknowledge him, he spoke up. “Um, excuse me?”
“Yes, Dustin?” “Can I go to the bathroom, please?” His
teacher frowned. “There’s only half an hour left of the lesson. Can’t this
wait?” Okay, maybe his teacher had a point. And he was pretty sure that
the teachers had talked to each other about how he’d used the bathroom excuse
to get out of class before. He faintly remembered asking to go to the bathroom
tons of times to make the recent, strange calls. “Um, no.” Dustin
shook his head. “It’s kind of an emergency.” He wasn’t going to be
embarrassed about this. Not when hopefully he would get to hold Quinn’s hand as
a consequence. And as soon as he had the okay to leave the room, he did so,
shooting a quick look at Quinn before closing the classroom door behind him.

Quinn was working on the final problem when
Dustin spoke up. He blinked thinking that Dustin had been trying to get his
attention, and looked over. But Dustin was apparently talking to the teacher.
Turning back to his problem, he listened as he worked. As Dustin stood up,
Quinn looked up for a moment and saw the look he got. Frowning, he wondered
why. But he turned back to the problem anyway. It wasn’t until a few minutes
later, after he’d finished the problem set and was sitting bored at his desk
that he realized what Dustin was trying to do. “Shit,” he mumbled to
himself, feeling like an idiot. Grabbing the paper, along with his work, he
made his way up to the teacher’s desk. “I finished,” he said, handing
it over to his teacher with a small smile. “Can I go to the bathroom?”
he asked suddenly. The teacher frowned at Quinn, before sighing and nodding.
“Since you’ve finished,” he said, and Quinn just grinned, darting out
of the classroom and heading towards the nearest men’s room. “Hey,”
he said when he spotted Dustin with a grin.

Dustin leaned against the wall of the
bathroom as he waited for Quinn to arrive. Since he didn’t have his phone there
was nothing he could use to take his mind off things while he waited, and so he
was stuck with nervously glancing at the door, waiting for it to open. A few
minutes passed, but still, no one had entered the bathroom. Okay, maybe Quinn
was letting some time pass before asking to go to not make the teacher
suspicious. That was smart. But what if he never turned up? He couldn’t wait
for too long since it shouldn’t take him too long to go to the bathroom and
their maths teacher surely expected him to come back to the lesson as soon as
possible. Waiting a little more, Dustin debated returning back to the
classroom. He didn’t even have to tell Quinn that he had wanted him to follow,
he could just pretend he really had needed to pee. But then, just as he was
about to head back, the door was pushed open and Quinn entered the room.
“Hey back,” Dustin said as the corners of his mouth turned upwards
into a smile. “Took you long enough.”

Quinn felt his cheeks heat up a little
bit and shrugged. “Yeah, I had to finish up the assignment or he wouldn’t
let me leave,” he said with a sheepish smile. It wasn’t a complete lie.
The only reason their teacher had let him leave was because he was done. Dustin
didn’t need to know he hadn’t exactly gotten the hint. “So…,” he
said, walking a little closer to Dustin with a smile, looking up at him.
“What exactly did you want to steal way into the bathroom for?” Quinn
asked, a smile still on his face. It was nice being alone with Dustin, even if
it was in the bathroom at school.

Dustin nodded. “That’s a little
mean,” he commented. He wasn’t going to tell him that he had been nervous
he wouldn’t show up at all, no. Any insecurities better stayed where they came
from – inside his head. He watched Quinn move a little closer to him, and why
was he feeling so nervous all of the sudden? It was just Quinn. He had to blush
at the question. Yes, why had he made them sneak out? Mostly to talk to Quinn.
Alone. But not just that. Deciding to be bold, Dustin took a step forward and
reached for his hand, interlocking their fingers. “This, kind of,” he

Quinn shrugged. “Well you were
already in the bathroom. Kind of makes sense,” he said with a sympathetic
smile. Quinn smiled as Dustin reached out, and let their hands interlock,
giving Dustin’s a light squeeze. “That’s a pretty good reason to get out
of class,” he laughed, looking down at their hands. Dustin’s were always
so much warmer than his own were. “Sucks we can’t just stay here all
day,” he admitted. “Well, except for the bathroom part,”

do you think our teacher knew about, um…” Dustin didn’t quite know how to say it. “Well, this?” he
finished, no idea what to call them really. “The best reason,” he
mumbled, looking down as he brushed his thumb along the side of Quinn’s index
finger. “Yeah, the bathroom part is not so great,” he said and
laughed. “If I wasn’t in so much trouble already at home I would totally
try to convince you to ditch now.”

Quinn shook his head quickly. “Nah,
no way. I meant it was like, not having multiple students out at once,”
Quinn reasoned. “Yeah,” he mumbled back in agreement, grinning as his
hand was stroked, just enjoying the feeling of Dustin’s hand in his. “I
mean, it’s better than, like, a garbage room or something,” Quinn laughed.
“Well. I wouldn’t want you to get in more trouble,” he said
truthfully. “Since then you could get grounded and that’d mean I don’t get
to see you,” he said, pulling himself a little closer to Dustin by their
hands. “But I’d probably say yes… maybe,” he admitted. Quinn had
never skipped before, but there was a first time for everything right?

Dustin said. “I was just
wondering – since Mr. Kavanagh has seen us hold hands I was wondering if maybe
he told any of the other teachers. But I don’t really think he did that.”
It didn’t exactly seem like him to go around to tell people, but he just
couldn’t be a hundred percent sure. “As much as I like being alone with you,
I would not stay inside a garbage room for you,” he replied and grinned,
his heart beating a little faster when Quinn pulled himself closer.
“You’re really tempting me right now,” he replied, biting his lip.
“Tempting to skip school, I mean,” he quickly added. “But I
don’t know how we could pull this off without getting found out… and with the
mood my mum’s in, I wouldn’t be surprised if she grounded me for, like, a

I hadn’t thought of that,” Quinn
mumbled. He’d actually forgotten that their other teacher had seen them holding
hands. That was kind of different though wasn’t it? They had just killed a
Harpy. “So cruel. I’d totally stay in a garbage room with you,” he
said, with mock seriousness. “Well, okay, maybe only if it were clean,”
he chuckled. “Am I?” Quinn asked, a smile growing wider on his lips.
He found it hard not to smile around Dustin. “Yeah, that’d suck… Maybe
no skipping them. I mean, class is sort of almost over anyway,” he
reasoned. Quinn continued his forward motion, biting his lower lip until he was
pressed lightly against Dustin, his head resting against his shoulder. His own
heart was pounding. “Um… is this okay?”

clearly out of the two of us, you are the better person,” Dustin replied, chuckling a little,
before giving him a nod. “Yes, you are.” He wasn’t lying. Not at all.
“Maybe we should leave the skipping to another time then,” he
suggested. “When I wouldn’t get in as much trouble or when we had time to
come up with a good excuse before.” Before Quinn had mentioned class,
Dustin had almost forgotten that there was a maths class happening right now.
One that he technically had to get back to. But he didn’t want to, and he
wasn’t going to. Not right now. He held his breath as Quinn stepped even
closer, unsure about what was going to happen next. Was he- was he going to
kiss him? But no, Quinn simply leaned against him. Which did nothing to calm
down his nerves though. At the same time, it felt somehow /right/.
“Yeah,” Dustin said quietly, slowly lifting his arm to lightly wrap
it around him, his free hand resting on the small of his back. “If this is

kind of figured that when you told me how much you get in trouble. You’re
really a bad influence you know,” Quinn
teased with a small laugh. “Probably. And class is almost over
anyway,” Quinn said. He was a bit disappointed though. Getting to spend
more time with Dustin was always great. Quinn smiled into Dustin’s shoulder as
he felt the arm wrap around him. “Yeah,” he said back, quietly as
well and nodding. He lifted his free arm up and let it wrap around Dustin’s
back, holding onto him and humming softly. It was an awkward position, for
sure, their hands were still intertwined, and they were hugging to. Quinn
didn’t really know what to do. Besides that, he was positive Dustin could feel
how quickly his heart was racing. But Quinn liked it too much to pull away.

the bad influence?! You’re the one who got me drunk, remember?” Dustin retorted, rolling his eyes. He
had to smile when he felt the other boy’s arm come up to hold him, too. On one
hand, he just wanted to relax against him, just take in the contact and enjoy
it, but on the other hand he was excited, too. This was so brand new. Sure,
he’d hugged people before, lots of times. Growing up, life in the Parrish
family had been full of hugs, every day, but this felt completely different.
He’d never hugged anyone before and have it feel so wonderful and intimate at
the same time. Brushing the flat of his hand across his back slowly, just a
little bit, he tried to ignore thinking about the fact that if anyone walked in
right now, it would be completely obvious that this was not a platonic hug.
They weren’t doing anything bad though, no, but he still really didn’t want to
be caught. Despite his fear, he didn’t let go. Not yet.

the worst. Yeah, but I haven’t tried to sneak into a bar, like you have before.
Or skipped class,” he laughed, “I could go on.” This entire
situation was new to Quinn. He’d
never been with anyone before, not even really hugged anyone outside his
family. Even then, his actual parents had never been particularly affectionate,
though his new family was at least a bit more. But Quinn could be distant with
them at times. This was so different though. Quinn felt at peace, and Dustin
was so warm against him. He let out a little sigh when Dustin moved his hand,
growing a little red but not caring. After a moment he finally spoke. “We
probably have to get back to class,” he mumbled, though his words were

Dustin chuckled, shaking his head.
“I guess that means that I need you to do that some time then,” he
said. “Both, I mean.” Skipping class with Quinn had to be pretty
cool. He wished they could just leave, for an entire day, to go wherever, just
the two of them. Dustin shook his head, thumb trailing over the back of Quinn’s
hand. He knew that their teacher was probably getting suspicious now. He’d been
gone for ages, probably. But he so did not care right now. “Not yet,”
he protested, pulling him a little closer. “Can’t we just stay here all
day?” He sighed. He just wanted to hang out with him some more. Alone.
Maybe after school.

Quinn laughed, rolling his eyes. “I
do have a fake you know. I could just get you one. That way we don’t have to
sneak in,” he said with a nod. “But… I could probably be
convinced,” he admitted. Spending the entire day with Dustin sounded far
too nice. At least there was the weekend for that. Quinn felt himself smile and
laugh as he was pulled closer to Dustin, nodding and holding onto him a little
tighter. “You wanna stay here in the bathroom all day?” Quinn teased,
shifting his head so he was face Dustin. He couldn’t really see his face or
anything from the angle he was at, but it was much nicer than looking over at
the bathroom wall. “They’ll probably send someone to come looking for
us,” he reasoned, but made no effort to pull himself away from Dustin.

you really get me one?” Dustin
asked. “A fake ID would be super handy but I wouldn’t want you to get in
trouble for that,” he told him. “That is, if you would even want to
go to a bar with me. I’m known to cause bar fights…” He chuckled and
squeezed his hand. “It’s a nice bathroom, and the company is not /the worst/,”
he mumbled. He frowned at the thought of someone coming to look for them.
“That, or someone else might walk in soon,” he said. Right now, part
of him truly wished that Quinn knew about his abilities, just because he could
have locked the door with a spell if that had been the case. “Ugh, I like
being close to you too much,” he admitted. “Sorry.”

Quinn just nodded. “Yeah of course.
It’s not trouble,” he said with a shrug. He’d just have to hack into the
DMV to get it like he did for his. “I’m really good at that kind of
stuff,” he added with a short laugh. “Bar frights do sound pretty
shit. Maybe we can just, like, not do that then,” he grinned. “It’s
kind of a shitty bathroom,” Quinn countered, feeling a bit more at ease.
“But you’re okay I guess,” he said softly. “That would
suck,” Quinn mumbled. He didn’t exactly care if people saw him and Dustin,
but this was a bit more… intimate than he’d expected it to be. His smile
grew, and for a moment, Quinn was glad that Dustin couldn’t properly see his
face. “Yeah, I like this too,” he replied, holding onto Quinn a
little tighter. But really, they did need to move at some point. “Maybe
one more minute,”

Like, only if it really is no trouble,” Dustin replied. “And only if you agree that this makes you the
ultimate bad influence…” He wondered what sort of people Quinn knew that
could get him fake IDs, but this was not the right time to ask. Maybe another
time. “What, do you not think I could handle myself in a bar fight?”
Dustin smirked and raised one eyebrow even though Quinn most likely could not
see that. “‘I’m okay, you guess’? Wow. A+ compliment, Quinn. I’m truly
blushing here.” He smiled, though his smile got a little smaller when the
thought about the other students in the school possibly opening the door. He
didn’t want anyone at school to know about them, whatever they were, not at
this point. But how could he tell Quinn without sounding like he was thinking
this was a bad thing? “One more minute, okay,” Dustin agreed, his
free hand brushing higher, across Quinn’s shoulder blade. It was so strange, to
be hugging a boy like this. So new. “Maybe… we could do this again soon?
Just not in a bathroom, maybe…”

not,” Quinn assured him. It’d
just take a little time for it to get there. The DMV was slow in mailing out
the licenses. “No way. That’s not the same. There’s a difference between a
fake and sneaking in. Yours is totally worse,” he laughed. “I just
wouldn’t want you to get hurt is all,” he said with a small shrug.
“But also I wouldn’t want to get hurt,” Quinn added as an
afterthought. “Shut up,” Quinn laughed, squeezing Dustin’s hand,
before chuckling into Dustin’s shoulder. Quinn hummed again softly, pressing
himself a little closer to Dustin and letting his eyes dip shut just for a
moment. “Yeah. I’d like that a lot,” he said with a smile. Quinn
moved his hand, letting it move up Dustin’s back before he finally, forced
himself to pull away. He pouted slightly, looked at Dustin before sighing.
“We should go back,”

way. Yours is worse. ‘Cause yours is illegal, definitely…” Dustin retorted, shaking his head.
Would bouncers even let him in with a fake? If they thought he looked too
young, maybe they wouldn’t. Hopefully that would never happen in front of
Quinn, that would be so embarrassing. “I wouldn’t want you to get hurt
either… so okay, no bar fights.” He let himself enjoy the moment a
little more, blocking out all thoughts about the people behind the bathroom
doors or the fact they’d have to get back to class. Or that he’d have to sit
next to Quinn without being able to reach across the table to make contact. At
least the lesson should be almost over anyway… if they hadn’t completely
missed the end of it. He had pretty much lost all sense of time. He let out a sigh
once Quinn pulled away, but he let the arm around him fall down, putting a bit
of space between them. Still, he did not let go of his hand. “We should.
Or we could just sneak out the hallway, climb through my window and spend the
rest of the day watching tv.” He knew that they couldn’t do that, not
really. Which didn’t stop him from wanting it though.

is also illegal. Breaking and entering, underage drinking,” Quinn listed off. “I think yours
is actually pretty worse,” Quinn countered, a smirk on his face. The
moment that Quinn pulled away he realized he missed having all that contact
with Dustin. Now they had to go back to the classroom like nothing had happened
and just… wait. Until class was over at least and then what? Quinn laughed, squeezing
Dustin’s hand. He was half-tempted to pull back in close to him. “Probably
a bad idea with you already in so much trouble,” he said. “But… we
could do that after school ends maybe? You could come over or I could or…
something. And we can watch TV and just…,” he felt his face grow a
little red as he thought of the word, but ultimately didn’t say it.

forgot that you’re also underage,” Dustin
countered. “Also, I didn’t even drink when I broke into that bar. And
it’s, like, a public space, not a house, does that really count as breaking and
entering?” he wondered. He really didn’t want to let go of his hand. It
felt kind of strange how much that little bit of contact could make such a
difference. “The worst idea, probably. Mum’s home right now, she’d kill
me.” Listening to Quinn, he bit his lip, wondering what exactly it was
that he meant. He was pretty sure he meant what they were doing just now,
holding hands, maybe hugging a little. But what if not? What if Quinn wanted to
kiss him? The thought scared him a little. What if he was bad at it? Or what if
he didn’t like it? “And just… what? Netflix and chill, you mean?”
Dustin teased him, a grin on his lips, trying to hide his sudden insecurity
with joking.

yeah, but still,” he said, ending with a laugh. There wasn’t really a
counter argument to that. “Pretty sure it’s still breaking and entering.
Like, a hundred percent sure,” Quinn
was glad that Dustin didn’t pull his hand away from his. Despite how much he
wished to be held by Dustin again, this was a good enough compromise.
“Yeah, she’d hate you for that,” he laughed. Karen would probably
kill him for skipping and just showing up at home with a boy. Quinn’s face
immediately went bright red. He knew exactly what Netflix and chill meant. He’d
seen all the memes. “N-no that’s not,” he sputtered a bit. It took
him a moment before he realized that Dustin was joking. “No, I meant, you
know,” he shrugged, calming down a little bit, but still red. “Hugging
and holding hands and stuff,”

do you know? You’re not a lawyer, are you?” Dustin asked and laughed. “I know. It sucks having a parent
with irregular shifts, like, she’s home a lot when dad is working and
vice-versa, I never get the house to myself,” he complained. When he
watched the other boy blush immediately after his Netflix and chill comment, he
couldn’t help but start laughing. Was Quinn almost stuttering? “I know
what you meant,” he said with a grin, squeezing his hand. “I’m sorry,
couldn’t resist. And I’d really like that. Like, holding your hands and hugging
you. Maybe some normal Netflix. Like the opposite of Netflix and chill. Netflix
and stress.” He frowned. “No, that doesn’t sound right either.”

But I can guess can’t I? Plus I read stuff online,” Quinn smirked. “I guess that sucks. I’m usually up in my room
most of the time though,” he said thoughtfully. It was never a big deal if
someone else was home. The laughing only made his blush grow deeper, and he
turned away a little bit, though he kept holding onto Dustin’s hand.
“You’re mean you know that,” Quinn asked with a small laugh.
“Okay, yeah,” he said softly, looking up at Dustin and laughing. “Maybe
like, Netflix and actually relaxing with no obligation for sex? Which is super
wordy but gets the job done I think. Or Netflix and cuddle or something like

that makes you an expert, hm?” Dustin
raised one eyebrow. “Yeah, I’m in my room a lot, but people keep barging
in. Or I hang out in the kitchen.” He smiled, watching Quinn turn away,
knowing that he was again delaying getting back to class, but making the
decision to leave would mean that he’d have to let go of his hand. And on top
of that, he wouldn’t be able to talk to him anymore. “I’m the worst, I’m
sorry. Also, if people can turn Netflix and chill into something dirty, they
would do the same to Netflix and cuddle, surely. Maybe Netflix and
my-sister-forgets-to-kno​ck-so-no-chilling.” He chuckled.

yeah. I’m totally a legal expert. I can give you any legal advice,” Quinn replied with a short laugh.
“I usually lock my door when I don’t want my sister to come in. But I
think they get it. My family always knocks pretty much. Probably an adopted
thing,” Quinn said thoughtfully. “That’s true. This is why we can’t
have nice things,” Quinn pretend pouted. “Because the internet makes
everything into porn.” Quinn looked up at Dustin again and smiled, tugging
on his hand slightly. He didn’t want to go back, but he also didn’t want to get
into trouble. Besides, now they had after school to look forward to. “So,
we’ll do my place then?” he asked. He could do his homework later. Or not
do it. “We really should go back,” Quinn mumbled, looking down at
their hands one more time, squeezing.

great. That way I can totally save on legal fees the next time I get caught
doing something illegal,” Dustin
replied and grinned. “You’re so lucky you have locks. We don’t.” They
didn’t, and while he had figured out how to magically lock his door six months
ago, he didn’t really want his mother to know that he had figured out both
locking and unlocking spells. “Well, you’d know, wouldn’t you,”
Dustin teased, thinking back to the one conversation they had had when they’d
been drunk. “Yeah, your place sounds good,” he replied with a smile
before letting out a sigh, reluctantly letting go of Quinn’s hand as he
approached the door. It already felt weird. Too empty. But if he held his hand
on the way back to the classroom, someone was bound to see it. “Sooo… I
got sick and you were trying to help me?” he asked. With how long they’d
been gone, there was no way their teacher would believe they just went to the

Super free legal fees. Unless I have to actually do something, like look stuff
up. Then you have to pay. I don’t do that stuff for free you know,” and Quinn grinned back at him. “Like I
said. I think it’s an adopted thing. A way to give us privacy when we first got
there,” Quinn continued, finding it oddly easy to talk about that stuff
with Dustin. Normally he didn’t bring up more than the fact that he was adopted
with people. “Awesome,” Quinn said, his face darkening a bit when his
hand was suddenly gripping air. It was cold, and he didn’t like it. He wished
they could have just walked back hand in hand. “Then you’d be sent to the
office. Just tell him a different teacher wanted to talk to us or
something?” he asked. “Kavanagh found us or something, checking in on
us after the trip,”

no. You’re not getting any of my money,” Dustin protested. He nodded as he listened to Quinn talk about
being adopted and been given privacy by his adoptive parents. “That’s
really nice, actually,” he said, giving him a small smile. “And it
makes sense.” Of course Quinn was right about his excuse not working out,
although to be fair he wouldn’t exactly mind being sent to the nurse’s office.
That place almost felt like home, a little. A place inside the school where he
could be on his own – or with the nurse. “Okay,” he mumbled, opening
the door, holding it open for Quinn after walking out into the hallway.
“But don’t say his name, you’re going to summon him or something. There’s
no way he’d believe we just went to the bathroom a second time.”

so mean, you know that? I try and do work and you just won’t pay me for
it,” he sighed in pretend frustration. Quinn smiled softly. He was glad that Dustin wasn’t making a big
deal of the fact that he was adopted. Some people thought it was weird. Quinn
followed Dustin outside, glancing around briefly. Their teacher hadn’t followed
them, so that was something. “Yeah… no he definitely wouldn’t believe
us,” Quinn chuckled, keeping his voice down. If they were too loud, some
teacher would definitely come out to inspect if they were.

haven’t actually given me any legal advice yet though,” Dustin pointed out. “Also, I would
just pay you with my company.” There wasn’t anyone in the hallway when he
exited the bathroom. For a brief second he entertained the idea of reaching for
his hand again, but no, it was too dangerous. Anyone could just come around the
corner any second. “It’s a shame. We’re amazing liars though.” He
walked down the hallway, approaching their classroom.

I will. And that’s not how it works. Gotta pay in cash,” Quinn teased. He was glad the hallway
was empty, but he didn’t reach out to grab Dustin’s hand. The room was pretty
close anyway. “Pretty great I think,” Quinn said. He was actually
pretty shit at it. There was no way Kavanagh had believed their last excuse. He
pushed into the classroom, looking up at their teacher and hoping he wouldn’t
say anything as they walked in.

they entered the classroom, they seemed to have interrupted their teacher
mid-sentence. After a moment of silence, she let out a small sigh. “Quinn,
Du-” “We ran into Mister Kavanagh,” Dustin interrupted her. “He needed to speak to us. I’m really
sorry we missed a bit of your class.” “Please don’t interrupt me,
Dustin. I was about to say, please sit down, you’ve missed enough already, I
just want to finish this lesson without any more interruptions.”

Quinn bit back a chuckle at how quickly
Dustin interrupted their teacher, and then hid his mouth with his hand as she
told them to sit. He grinned over at him when she couldn’t see, nudging his side
before moving back to his seat. Now he just had to focus until the school day
was over, which was going to be pretty difficult.

Dustin sat down in his seat, rolling his
eyes when he saw Quinn grinning at him, He tried to keep his face calm, but he
wasn’t exactly successful when the corners of his mouth turned upwards against
his will. The lesson was nearly over, but then he’d have to make it through the
others… god, he hated school a lot sometimes.


rest of the day took forever with Quinn
looking forward to hanging out with Dustin after class. Even the walk home with
Dustin was slow, but much better than spending most of the day without him.
“I’m not sure if people are going to be home,” Quinn said as he
pushed the door to his home open, walking in and looking back at Dustin.
“But we’ll just go upstairs and they’ll probably leave us alone?” he
suggested with a small smile. He really just wanted to spend some alone time
with Dustin that wasn’t in the bathroom. He could hear Karen in the kitchen
though, so he shouted a quick hello to her. “This way,” he said,
though Dustin already knew the way to his bedroom.

Dustin nodded along when Quinn suggested
they should just go upstairs. He didn’t have anything against Quinn’s adoptive parents,
but right now all he wanted was to spend some time with the other boy, just the
two of them, alone. He stayed quiet when Quinn shouted hello to Karen, not sure
if he should announce his presence as well, but ultimately deciding against it.
Giving Quinn a small smile, he made his way up the stairs towards his bedroom

Quinn wouldn’t have minded if Dustin
said hello to Karen, but it meant that they’d be delayed from going upstairs,
which would suck. Once he was in his room, Quinn dropped his bag to the side of
the door and pulled his coat off, tossing it to the chair before turning to
Dustin. “Just throw your stuff wherever,” he said with a shrug and
gesture about his room. It was fairly clean at least, so he wasn’t too embarrassed
about anything in there. Quinn stood for a moment, not really sure what to do,
before going over to the TV and turning it on. “So, Netflix right?”
he asked.

Quinn’s room, Dustin took off his
jacket and scarf, putting them with Quinn’s coat after setting down his
backpack onto the ground. “Yeah, Netflix sounds good,” Dustin
replied, biting his lip. He was suddenly very unsure about how to act. They
hadn’t done any of the hugging before today… and if he was completely honest,
it did feel a lot better than just regular hugging. Taking a look around the
room even though he had seen it before, he waited for Quinn to turn on the TV.

Quinn could feel his heart starting to
beat heavy again. He knew they weren’t doing anything more than just hugging,
but it was still nervous to be here, waiting for it to happen. Biting his lower
lip, he set up Netflix quickly, throwing on a random movie. “Is this
good?” he asked, putting on a random episode of the Office and putting it
on. “Okay…,” he mumbled, biting his lower lip and then not really
sure what he should be doing.

Dustin looked up over at the TV screen to
look at what Quinn had selected. “Yeah, it’s good,” he immediately
replied, although to be honest, he didn’t really care that much about what they
were going to be watching. Not that much. Okay. He might still have protested
had Quinn put on something completely horrible. He glanced over at the other
boy. Why was he feeling so awkward all of the sudden? Even though he’d been
nervous as hell waiting for Quinn in the bathroom, it hadn’t been quite like

Quinn let the show start before
frowning. Where were they supposed to do this? The floor? The bed? He didn’t
really know. But truth be told, the bed did sound more comfortable. Looking
over at Dustin, he moved over to him and reached out, taking Dustin’s hand in
his. “Hey,” he said with a small smile, lacing their fingers and
nudging him towards the bed. “Do you wanna… ugh, sit on the floor or

Dustin replied, giving him a shaky
smile back. He did feel a little less nervous holding Quinn’s hand, but just a
little. This was all so new. Very new. It was moments like these that he was a
little sad he couldn’t read minds, because he would have given a lot to be able
to read the other boy’s mind at this moment. What was he expecting of him?
“Um,” Dustin said. “Bed? If that is okay. If it’s not I’m fine
with the floor,” he mumbled, his voice fast. He didn’t want to insinuate
anything by asking to sit on the bed, but at the same time the floor didn’t
sound very comfortable.

Quinn nodded. The bed was definitely
more comfortable. “Yeah, the bed works,” he said with a smile. He let
go of Dustin’s hand for a moment, moving onto his bed and settling so he was
sitting up against the headboard. Quinn wasn’t really sure what to do here.
Should he just sit here? Lay down? He didn’t know. It was weird and a little
unsettling. Quinn didn’t like being unsure.

Dustin slowly followed after him. Hanging
out on Quinn’s bed did sound a lot more intimate than when they had watched a
movie on his own bedroom floor that one night they got drunk together.
Carefully, he sat down next to the other boy, not too close. He was suddenly a
little afraid of overstepping. He didn’t know what to do with his hands, so he
settled them into his lap, glancing towards the TV screen. “So… you’re a
big fan of the office then?” Fuck, his voice sounded so awkward.

Dustin joined him on the bed, Quinn
reached over, taking Dustin’s hand back in his and smiling. That was a bit
better. “Ugh, yeah,” he said, glancing at the TV. He’d forgotten it
was on already. “It’s pretty good. Funny and all,” he said, before
doing what he did before and leaning against Dustin with a small smile. As
nervous as he was, Dustin’s warmth was comforting.

over at Quinn with a smile, Dustin
squeezed his hand. “Oh really? I had no idea the office was supposed to be
funny,” he replied, raising one eyebrow before turning away to look at the
screen. He could feel Quinn lean against him, and so he relaxed a little,
leaning back against the headboard as he stretched out his legs in front of
him. “I have a confession to make.”

Quinn shifted and laughed. “Nah,
it’s really supposed to be super serious, but it ended up being funny by
accident,” he teased back. Quinn let his head rest on Dustin’s shoulder
again, feeling himself calm a little bit as he felt Dustin’s body heat against
him. “You do?” Quinn asked, turning his head to look up at Dustin.
“Are you actually an evil wizard?”

Dustin just snorted, he didn’t believe
that one bit. Wasn’t the office supposed to be a remake of some UK TV show,
anyway? “Yeah, I do,” Dustin mumbled, stroking his thumb over his
finger, suddenly stilling at the other boy’s words. He knew Quinn was only
joking. Right? There was no way he knew. Not that he was evil. But he
definitely was a wizard. “Yeah, I’m Lord Voldemort’s secret child,”
he replied, continuing with the motions of his thumb. “Actually, no, what
I needed to confess was that you’re not actually the first person I’ve ever
held hands with.”

Quinn hummed softly, letting his own
thumb take up what Dustin’s was doing, stroking over the back of his palm.
“I knew it. Who else would be so evil but his own child?” he asked with
ah laugh. He quieted down after a moment, cocking his head to the side. What
was that odd pang he felt? Shaking his head, he shrugged. “That’s not a
terrible confession you know,” he said with a slight shrug. So what if
he’d never held anyone else’s hand?

Dustin huffed. “What, are you
literally saying I am evil? How am I evil? I’m like, the least evil person on
the planet. I regularly save cats from trees, you know?” Smiling, he
leaned a little closer to Quinn, tilting his head to get a proper look at him.
“Yeah, so, when I was, like, five my mum totally made me hold the hand of
our neighbour’s little daughter. I didn’t really want to but everyone said we
were cute and there was cake, and I wanted cake so I didn’t put up too much of
a fight.” He smirked. “Sorry you’re not my first, Quinn.”

are pretty evil you know. The most evil creatures actually,” Quinn said. They all hated him, a lot.
“But I know you love cats so… That makes you evil,” he teased,
poking Dustin’s side lightly. Quinn listened for a moment, before smiling wide
and bursting into laughter. “You’re such a dick,” he laughed,
grinning as he leaned back into Dustin. “I’m sure you and that little girl
were happy together. But I’m gonna go out on a limb and say this is better than
that time. Even if there isn’t cake. Which I could probably get if we wanted to
make one,”

and you, who would literally let the poor cats die on the trees, is not evil,
right?” Dustin asked, raising
one eyebrow at him. He couldn’t help but laugh at Quinn’s reaction to his
story. “I’m not a dick. I’m just sharing childhood stories of mine with
you. That is a very nice thing to do, actually.” He poked against Quinn’s
foot with his toe. “It is way better, even without the cake. And while
cake does sound tempting, I know Karen is downstairs and I’d rather stay here
alone with you.”

course not. Would you let an evil creature alone to die if it were stuck
somewhere or save it so that it could attack later?” he asked, knowing
full well cats weren’t exactly evil. “Well… I liked hearing about your
past and stuff,” Quinn said
with a smile, moving so he was resting his head against Dustin’s shoulder
again, eyes turned to face the TV but not really paying attention. “Yeah,
she is. But cake is tasty,” he grinned. “And she is, so this is
probably better,” Quinn squeezed Dustin’s hand, curling up a little closer
to him.

would save it, so it could come back and annoy the hell out of you until you
could accept your secret love for cats,” Dustin argued, smiling. “Yeah? You do? How do you know though
that I didn’t completely make up that story just to tease you?” he wanted
to know. When Quinn leaned against him, part of him wanted to put his arm
around him. But they were still holding hands and he didn’t want to stop that
so soon. “Does she, um, does she know that we- um, does she know that we
hold hands and stuff?” he asked, not exactly sure how else to define them.

do not have a secret love for cats. And I won’t ever have one,” he said
adamantly. Quinn shrugged and looked
up at Dustin. “I dunno. I just believe you,” he said simply, because
he did. Why would he doubt that story? Even if Dustin liked to tease him
sometimes. “Oh,” Quinn said, blinking. He’d told Quail pretty much
everything, so she definitely knew. “Sort of,” he said, shrugging.
“I mean, I told her a bit about it and sort of what was going on but…
Not exactly what we’re doing,” he said, frowning. “Just that I like
you a lot,”

Dustin shook his head. “Never say
never,” he insisted. Honestly, how could anyone think cats were evil? They
were very soft and affectionate. Not evil. Never evil. “Oh, okay,” he
replied, nodding. When he heard Quinn say that he liked him a lot, he finally
let go of his hand, moving his arm so he could put it around him. “This
okay?” he wanted to know. “Wait…” He frowned. “If she
knows that you like me, wouldn’t she totally get angry with you taking me to
your room though? With the door closed?”

this case I can totally say never,” he replied definitively. Quinn was a little disappointed when
Dustin moved his arm, but then he had it wrapped around him, and he let out a
little content noise. “Yeah, it’s good,” he grinned. “Oh. I
dunno,” Quinn said softly, with a shrug. “Maybe? Benefit of being
adopted and having a lock I guess. And not being able to get pregnant,”
Quinn teased with a short laugh. “I think she’s just happy that I’m being
more social and stuff,”

Dustin smiled and relaxed a little more
against the headboard, glad that Quinn was okay with sitting like this. It felt
nice being this close to someone. Comforting, somehow. “You’re really
lucky in that regard,” Dustin replied and sighed. “The pregant
argument wouldn’t work on my parents since my sister could get pregnant by boys
in her room and since there has to be equal parenting for the both of us, any
rules that apply to her automatically apply to me, too.” He’d never
understood that. He was two years older, surely he should have different rules
to follow? “Speaking of locks, did you actually lock your room or is it possible
your sister could barge in any moment?”

That sucks… I mean. Technically it applies to both of us. Quail’s gay too so
no pregnancy for her,” Quinn
admitted with a short laugh. “Kind of a shock to adopt two gay kids,”
he said, shifting slightly against Dustin. “Oh. Shit I forgot,” he
said, looking at the door. He didn’t feel like getting up to lock it though.
“Someone will knock if they want to come in, they always do,” Quinn
said with a shrug. “So we’re good,” he said, hesitating for a moment
before reaching over and grabbing Dustin’s free hand with his own.

I know, she told me,” Dustin
mumbled. “So how did they react, were they shocked? They don’t seem like
they have a problem with it…” Maybe, just maybe he was a little jealous
that Quinn could be so open about those things to his adoptive parents. Dustin
glanced towards the door, biting his lip. “You sure?” he asked. He
didn’t exactly want to ask Quinn to get up and lock it, but the thought made
him a little uneasy. Still, he smiled when he felt the other boy take his hand.

I think with Quail more than me? Like, she came out first, so they had to deal
with that,” Quinn said
thoughtfully. “I think they were okay with it though. They just want us to
be happy and us coming from… you know,” he shrugged, even though Dustin
didn’t know. Hell, Quail didn’t even know where she came from. “I think
Karen might have secretly liked it though,” he said with a soft laugh.
“She’s asked about you a lot,” he mumbled, feeling himself blush a
little. “Yeah, I’m sure,” Quinn said simply.

Dustin chuckled. “Damn, you are so
lucky. Just have a sibling do like a test-run of coming out before you actually
have to do it yourself. I don’t think-” he was about to say ‘I don’t think
I’ll be that lucky’, but then stopped. It wasn’t like he could just come out,
or would come out. To come out as something, you had to know what you were
first of all. “What do you mean?” Dustin asked, a little confused.
“Oh, she did?” he asked. “What sort of things did she ask about
me? And more importantly, what did you tell her?”

guess so. I mean, it’s still kind of scary. Even if I’m going second,” he
mumbled with a shrug. “Just, you know,” Quinn mumbled, not wanting to really talk about his actual parents.
“Not coming from great families before,” he said softly, giving
Dustin’s hand a squeeze. “Just, stuff. General things about you. And that
I like you and that we sort of had a date,” he said simply. “Nothing,
like, super weird or anything,” Quinn said thoughtfully. “Did you…
um… tell your parents about me?”

Of course it is. Sorry,” Dustin
said quietly, hoping that Quinn didn’t think that he had meant that coming out
would be the easiest thing in the world even under those circumstances. Hearing
him talk about ‘not great families’ and feeling him squeeze his hand, Dustin
pulled him a little closer, just a little bit. Because he could. “Nothing
super weird? So you didn’t tell them that we survived getting attacked by a
harpy together? Or that you think I’m super hot?” he joked. At the next
question, his grin faded a little. “I, um- no, I did not,” he
admitted. “I wouldn’t know-” He stopped talking. There was no way to
tell his parents when everything about this was almost like a blur. Nothing
concrete. “If I did that, we could say goodbye to hanging out in my room

Quinn was glad that Dustin pulled him
closer, even if it was just a little bit. He really didn’t want to talk about
his family when things were so nice like this. He looked down at their hands
before laughing. “No. I left out the bit about the supernatural creatures
and shit. Maybe that I thought you were cute,” he grinned. “Oh,”
Quinn said quietly, unsure how he felt about that. Maybe Dustin just wasn’t out
yet. That was probably it. It wasn’t that he was ashamed of him right?
“That would kind of suck,” he said with a small smile. It was a kind
of plausible explanation.

your parents know about supernatural stuff at all?” Dustin asked him, curious. In this town, so many people knew. And
it was entirely possible that at some point, Quinn had talked to his adoptive
parents about them, just not the harpy attack. “Shut up.” Dustin
rolled his eyes. “I’m not cute. You take that back.” He could hear
the sounds of The Office blaring in the background, but he was paying zero
attention to the TV screen at the moment. No, his head was tilted towards
Quinn, looking at him as he listened to the small ‘oh’ sound he made. Was this
a problem? Did Quinn want him to tell his parents? Did Quinn- did he maybe
expect him to tell everyone very soon? Fuck. Holding his hand tightly, Dustin
was starting to get a little terrified all of the sudden. What if Quinn
expected all those things from him and he couldn’t exactly fulfil them? What if
they had to decide that being more than friends wouldn’t work out after all?
Would the still be friends? What if they would stop being friends?

don’t know,” Quinn lied. They
knew about Quail, but it wasn’t really his place to tell Dustin about her was
it? He wasn’t sure about that just yet. “Nah, you’re totally cute,”
Quinn said with a laugh, reaching up and poking Dustin’s cheek with his free
hand. He felt the way Dustin held tightly onto his hand, and he suddenly looked
up at Dustin. Did he say something wrong? Dustin looked worried. “Shit,
sorry,” he said, eyes going a bit wide. “I didn’t mean- I
don’t,” he didn’t know what he was saying, but he didn’t want Dustin to
worry. “You don’t have to tell them or anything I was just curious,”
he said softly and shrugging. Biting his lip, he leaned made sure to look at
Dustin so he knew he was being serious.

you ever thought about asking them about it?” Dustin wondered. He stayed quiet for a few seconds, then took in a
small breath. “My parents know,” he mumbled. “That supernatural
stuff exists, I mean. Lea does, too. I just- they know. And maybe I should have
told you that earlier. I mean, they know about some stuff. But not all. They
don’t know how I got involved,” he told him. Technically, none of this was
a lie. It actually felt closer to the truth than Dustin was really comfortable
with. He wanted to reach for his hand to stop it from poking him, but that
would mean moving his hand away. “I know you didn’t mean that,”
Dustin quickly said. “You don’t- you don’t strike me as the kind of person
who would make me tell them, you know?” /But do you want me to tell them/,
Dustin wondered. To be fair, his panic hadn’t really been about telling his
parents or not. There was a lot more going on. Things that Quinn didn’t know

supernatural? Not really,” he mumbled, he was digging himself into a hole
though. “They might know though, and just aren’t telling me,” Quinn finally said. Which was possible.
He didn’t know how much they knew, and they never spoke to him about anything
other than Quail. “You didn’t need to tell me something like that,”
Quinn replied, shrugging. Quinn just smiled up at Dustin. “Nah, it’s
pretty shit to out someone if they aren’t ready,” he said. Just because he
was, and his sister was, doesn’t mean that everyone else was ready to come out
too. Besides, he didn’t actually know Dustin’s parents, as nice as his mom
seemed. “This is nice,” he mumbled after a second.

Dustin nodded. “Oh. Yeah, that could
be possible. Like, I know some parents try to protect their children from that
kind of stuff, although I don’t think that’s a good choice,” he said.
“Sorry. It just felt like something I should’ve told you, I don’t
know.” Now that he thought about it, maybe it wasn’t something that was
important in any way. Maybe the reason that he felt like he should’ve told
Quinn was because it was related to him being a warlock. Which was definitely
something Quinn would have wanted to know, right? “Yeah, that’s true, I
guess,” he mumbled, not sure what to really say. They hadn’t really talked
about his sexuality before, unless he counted that time Quinn had asked him and
Dustin had pretty much fled. But that had been a while ago, before all this.
“It is,” he agreed, eyes flickering down to look at him. “It’s-
it feels good to just, I don’t know, be like this for a bit. Like, get a break
from everything that’s been happening.”

that’s what I’m thinking. Why tell us if it’ll just worry us or whatever?
Besides, you were all about keeping it a secret with the Harpy and not just
leaving it there,” Quinn said.
He still thought it would have been easier to just do that. Quinn shifted,
sitting up a bit more but still leaning against Dustin. He was fine just
staying like this for the ret of the day. Maybe even the night. Though he knew
that Dustin would have to go home at some point. “Yeah… there’s been so
much shit going on,” Quinn mumbled, turning a little bit in Dustin’s arm.
The memories had been particularly bad over the past few days. He just wished
they would stop.

but there’s a difference between telling your kids the truth so they know
what’s out there and can defend themselves, and letting random college students
find a giant dead bird with a human head that’s just going to freak them
out,” Dustin pointed out,
wincing at the memory of the harpy. He still felt slightly sick thinking back
to the sight of the head being cut off and that smell. “Yeah, we don’t
have to talk about this, we could just forget about it right now,” he
mumbled, moving his hand so he was brushing it against his back, lightly.
“Or… we could talk about it? If you wanted to. Like, maybe it’s easier
with all the weird shit if you talk about it. I don’t know…”

Quinn paused, flushing slightly.
“Okay, maybe I didn’t think of it like that,” he said, biting his
lower lip. That would actually be pretty terrifying. Quinn nodded, turning back
to the TV for a moment. “Yeah, I kind of…,” he began, before
shaking his head. “Let’s just stay like this I think,” he said with a
soft sigh. He didn’t want to think about that stuff. “Unless you want to?
We can if you want,” he said

Dustin shook his head. “No, I think
I’m good for now, this is- this is much nicer than anything that’s been
happening,” he mumbled, turning his head towards the TV that was still
playing The Office on Netflix. It seemed to be in the middle of an episode, so
he didn’t really know what was going on. “We’re really bad at watching TV
together,” he observed, leaning back against the headboard a little more,
his free hand still blaced lightly on Quinn’s back. “Like, I can never
actually pay attention…”

nicer,” Quinn agreed, focusing
back on the TV. He’d seen this episode before, so he knew what was going on.
But his focus was still more on Dustin laying next to him. The hand entwined in
his, the arm around his back, the heat radiating from the other. It was far
better to focus on that than the show. “Yeah we kind of are,” he said
with a laugh and big smile. “We get distracted by each other,” he
said with a shrug. “Which totally isn’t a bad thing by the way. I think
we’re better at playing video games and this,”

is that not a bad thing?” Dustin
asked. “We’re basically wasting valuable Netflix time by talking,” he
pointed out, although he was smiling. Actually, it wasn’t a bad thing at all.
He could watch TV alone all the time at home. Stretching out his legs a little
more, he could feel one of them brush against Quinn’s. “We do get
distracted. By each other. Although, uh, the way you worded that does kind of
make it sound like a Netflix and chill thing,” he said, the corners of his
mouth moving into a small grin.

it obviously means we like each other more than TV,” Quinn said with a laugh. Quinn shifted his leg so it was pressing
against Dustin’s and squeezed their hands again, running his thumb over
Dustin’s fingers. “It’s not Netflix and Chill. It’s Netflix and cuddle. Or
talk, or spend time together,” he said, eyes still focusing on the TV, but
his attention lost to Dustin again. “So, since we obviously can’t focus on
TV. What do you want to talk about?”

Dustin raised his eyebrows at that.
“Oh yeah? More than TV? Are you sure I like you more than TV? I mean, TV
is pretty great,” he teased him, looking away from the screen to their
joined hands. Okay, so maybe it was impossible to pay attention to Dwight and
the others when this was pretty much the closest he’d ever been to another
person. “I don’t know. You, I guess.” He peered up from their hands.
“I wanna know more about you.”

sure. Since you aren’t paying attention to the TV,” he said with a small
smirk. Quinn squirmed a little bit,
getting more comfortable before looking up at Dustin and flushing slightly.
“Me?” he asked, arching an eyebrow. “Ugh… well what do you
want to know about me?” he asked, picking at a spot on his jeans with his
free hand. He was never good at that sort of thing. What was he supposed to
say? Just list off random facts about him? Or about his past? Oh hey, my
parents were serial killers and that’s why I was adopted.

it’s just that the programme’s not captivating enough,” Dustin argued, then rolled his eyes.
“No, not you, the other boy in this bed. Yes, you,” he said, poking
at Quinn’s foot with his own. “Like, anything really.” He bit his
lip, absent-mindedly brushing circles across the fabric of Quinn’s sweater with
his thumb. “Like, what did you have for breakfast this morning? Or, what’s
your biggest fear? What was the happiest moment of your life? I just… I wanna
know stuff about you. Is that weird?”

mean sometimes you know that?” Quinn
said with a slight pout. “Ugh… okay,” he said, frowning as he
thought about the questions. “I don’t eat breakfast, so nothing. It makes
me feel sick if I eat too early,” he said, and school started far too
early for him to eat breakfast. He dodged the question about fear. It wasn’t so
great to tell the guy you liked that you were afraid you’d become a serial killer
like your parents. “My first computer. I just… fell in love with it. And
I became really good with them. I knew that’s what I wanted to do with my
life,” he shrugged. “I don’t think it’s weird. I wanna know about you
too,” he grinned.

know that. People tell me every day,” Dustin
replied, frowning when he heard that Quinn didn’t eat breakfast. “But,
like, that’s the most important meal of the day! How do you even find the
energy to go to school without breakfast? And like, how does your stomach not
rumble in all lessons? You’re so weird.” He shook his head. While he
noticed that Quinn hadn’t answered the question about fear, but while he wanted
to know more about Quinn, he wasn’t going to pry into topics he didn’t want to
talk about. “Oh my god, you’re a bigger geek than I realised. Like, way
bigger. Also, I can’t believe your first crush was a computer.” He
chuckled. “Well, luckily, you happen to have the biggest Dustin Parrish
expert in the world in your bed right now.”

know, I know. Karen yells at me pretty much every day for it. I just don’t
really like it. I like breakfast foods, just not breakfast time,” he
shrugged. “I eat a big lunch?” he suggested with a short laugh.
“Yeah well… welcome to my life. Obsessed with computers, can do pretty
much anything on them if I want to,” Quinn
grinned, rambling a little. He felt content like this, very much so, and let
his eyes drift shut for a moment. “That’s good then. So… ugh..,”
Quinn started, mind blanking. “I don’t know. Tell me stuff you think I
should know about you,”

think I can kind of see her point though.” Dustin laughed. “But okay. So does that mean you eat breakfast
food at all times of the day? Because that I definitely approve of. But what
about before lunch, do you not get hungry?” How Quinn possibly survived
the first lessons before lunch without food was a big mystery. “Oh, I see.
Obsessed with computers. And so humble about it.” He grinned. “Pretty
much anything? Does that mean you could technically programme an AI that will
one day kill us all?” he wanted to know, peering down at the other boy and
noticing that he had his eyes closed. Dustin smiled, pulling him a little
closer. “What do you need to know about me?” Maybe Quinn should know
that he was in fact a warlock but keeping it a secret. “I love breakfast,
I’m a natural blond, I’m allergic to soy and I think that people who don’t like
cats don’t have a soul. Anything else?”

mean. I could yeah. I don’t always do that, but I do sometimes,” Quinn said. He hadn’t had breakfast for
dinner in a long time though. Quinn just laughed. If only Dustin knew just what
he could actually do with a computer. “Probably. So if one comes around
you should watch out, I probably did it to get Trump out of office or
something,” he laughed. Quinn leaned into Dustin, shifting his head down a
little so he was resting more on his chest than shoulder. “Well now I know
not to eat soy with you. And also that you have horrible taste in pets,”
Quinn chuckled. “I dunno? Favorite food? Taste in music?”

watch out and remember to write you a thank-you card before we all die,” Dustin replied. “The hero we all
need but don’t deserve. That would make a great movie, actually! Like, you just
want to do something good, but it ends up going horribly wrong. If this was a
Hollywood movie you’d probably get a pretty blonde woman as a love interest,
though.” Dustin moved a little so he was lying a little more than sitting
up, his hand slowly rubbing up Quinn’s back. “Anything you can eat for
dessert. And Justin Bieber. Just kidding. Probably Two Door Cinema Club and
stuff like that. The Kooks. What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever
happened to you?”

I’ll appreciate that. Read it right as the AI kills me,” Quinn laughed. “Probably,” he
said, wrinkling his nose. “I’d make them pick a cute blonde guy instead
though,” he teased. Quinn let out another content noise as he curled up
against Dustin. “You’re gonna make me fall asleep,” he said with a
short laugh. “Dessert is pretty great. We should have gotten some at a not
creepy place for Valentine’s Day,” he rambled a bit. “Oh, those are
good,” but Quinn didn’t recognize the names. He wasn’t good with music.
“Ugh… when I was in gym class one year one of the older kids was being
an asshole to everyone. He pants me in front of a bunch of people,” Quinn
mumbled, his face going red. It was a while ago, but he as still a little
embarrassed about that.

don’t think I’ve ever seen an action movie with a main couple of the same sex
though,” Dustin pointed out,
smiling at the noise Quinn just made. “You say that like it’s a bad
thing,” he mumbled, moving his hand a little further, until his fingers
had reached his neck, where they stopped. “We can still get dessert some
time though. Eat as much sugar as we can,” he suggested, frowning when he
listened to Quinn’s story. “Ugh, people suck. And gym class sucks even
more. I’m so glad I don’t have to attend most lessons,” he mumbled.
“What did you do, did you punch him in the face? I hope you punched him in
the face.” Carefully, he moved his fingers towards Quinn’s hairline. He
just wanted to know what his hair felt like. Just for a second.

it’ll be the first. If it’s about me then it’s gonna be gay,” he replied
adamantly. Not that he’d get a movie about himself unless someone did something
about Q and he was found out, which was not going to happen. “I guess it’s
not,” he said contently. “I don’t want to get sick. That sounds
pretty miserable, but some dessert does sound nice,” Quinn mumbled. “We probably have something sweet downstairs.
"I kind of just pulled my pants back up and pretended nothing
happened,” he mumbled with a shrug. When he was younger he wasn’t very
good at standing up for himself. Quinn smiled as Dustin moved his hand up
further, and arched his back a little bit. “You can keep going,” he

course,” Dustin said softly. If
you asked him, it was time that they made movies that had gay characters as the
main characters without making the movie about being gay. “That sounds
absolutely wonderful to me, but okay. Now you almost make me wanna get up and
go downstairs, but only almost.” He was way too comfortable right now to
get up, even if the Manns ended up having dessert downstairs. “That’s
probably the sensible option,” Dustin replied, smiling when Quinn told him
to keep going. Carefully, he let his fingers run upwards through his hair.
Aside from braiding Lea’s long blonde curly hair back when she was too young to
do it herself, he really had no experience with other people’s hair.

to know it’s easy to temp you with dessert,” Quinn said with a soft laugh. That was definitely something good to
know about Dustin. “Yeah, didn’t really want to get beat up. Specially
since I was still pretty new and the weird kid and shit,” he mumbled,
sighing softly as he leaned into Dustin’s hand. It felt really good, far better
than he thought it would. “That feels nice,” he said, letting his
eyes dip shut again as he curled up a little, leaning more into Dustin.
“So what’s your most embarrassing moment then?”

that means you will use dessert to make me do stuff for you, by all means, go
ahead, I wouldn’t complain,” Dustin
replied and chuckled. He was far too easily manipulated by cake or chocolate.
“I understand. Did that happen here in Ashkent Creek?” he asked,
since he didn’t quite know at what age Quinn had moved into the town. Slowly,
he ran his fingers through Quinn’s soft, brown hair, brushing a small strand
away from his forehead. “My most embarrassing moment? Um…” It
wasn’t like nothing embarrassing had ever happened to him. Quite the opposite,
it was hard to pick out one moment out of all of them. He glanced up towards
the ceiling. “Probably related to me not having a lock on my door, to be

that’s pretty much what it means. Now I just have to figure out what your
favorite one is,” he said with a laugh. “Ugh… yeah,” he
mumbled with a shrug. “Pretty soon after I moved here. Which was when I
was eight, by the way,” he clarified. Quinn
continued to lean into Dustin’s touch, letting out an occasional content noise.
“Oh?” Quinn said, thinking for a moment, before his face went red.
“Oh… you mean…,” and he stopped talking, biting his lower lip.
“Right, yeah, that would probably be embarrassing,” he said. He
needed to stop picturing that right now.

think the correct way to find out is by trial-and-error method. Just give me
every sort of dessert there is and I can rate them for you,” Dustin replied with a small grin
forming on his face. “Yeah,” Dustin gave him a small nod.
“That’s what I mean.” He sighed. “I mean, I survived, so it’s
all good now. Just makes me cringe every time I think back to it. But almost
all embarrassing memories are like that.” He closed his eyes, fingers
still playing with Quinn’s hair. “This still okay?” he asked.
“You can tell me when it gets annoying.”

think you just want me to give you dessert and sweets and all that stuff,”
Quinn chuckled, shaking his head.
“Maybe I’ll start with cake and go from there,” he mused to himself.
“That sucks… a lot,” Quinn said, still blushing lightly. “And
definitely why I’m glad I have a lock,” he said again. He couldn’t imagine
something like that happening. It’d be mortifying. “Yeah, of course it
is,” Quinn said and squeezed Dustin’s hand again. “Don’t think I’d
ever get annoyed by it,” he admitted truthfully. “I’ll have to do it
for you sometime,”

I think you couldn’t be more wrong,” Dustin
retorted, even though yes, Quinn had been more than right with his assumption.
“You’re too lucky. I’d swap rooms with you without hesitation.”
Honestly, why did people forget to knock in the worst moments? “Okay,
good,” Dustin replied, sinking down a little further. “I think I’d
probably like it if you did that.” But right now, nothing could compare to
practically lying on Quinn’s bed with the other boy pressed against him. He
never realised that things like this could feel so nice and relaxing.

a bad liar,” Quinn laughed.
“Yeah but I like having a lock. And my computer and all my stuff in
here,” he pointed out. When Dustin sank further onto the bed, Quinn
followed, shifting down a bit. “Next time then,” Quinn said. He could
already feel himself drifting off to sleep. Part of him wanted to, he was
content and warm, and Dustin’s hand was soothing. The other part didn’t want to
just fall asleep with Dustin here. But it seemed as if he didn’t have much
choice as he quietly drifted off.

a bad liar, can I remind you who saved our asses by lying to Mister Kavanagh
that day,” Dustin muttered in
protest, closing his eyes for a second, focussing on nothing but the warm weight
pressed against his side, feeling Quinn inhale and exhale. After a few minutes
he realised that Quinn was breathing far more slowly than he did before.
Opening his eyes, Dustin found the other boy pretty much passed out, cheek
pressed against his chest, eyes closed. For a few moments, Dustin watched him
with a small smile on his lips before he decided that yes, it was a little
creepy watching someone sleep, even if Quinn looked really, really cute right
now, and so he closed his eyes as well, tightening his hold a little to keep
him warm as they weren’t lying under a blanket. It didn’t take long at all for
him to drift off as well.

Quinn’s short nap was dreamless and
content. The TV was still playing the Office when he woke up, something from
the show must have been loud. He squirmed a little, feeling a source of heat
that he was laying on and blinking blearily. “Oh,” he mumbled,
opening his eyes. The confusion was dispelled when he saw he was laying on
Dustin’s chest, and he smiled softly. Looking up and pulling away, he saw that
Dustin was asleep too, and looking very peaceful. Cute too, way too cute. Quinn
smiled softly, letting his arm move to wrap around Dustin’s front, he smiled.
“Are you awake or actually sleeping?” he asked, resting his head back
on Dustin’s chest, fully content to go back and nap.

Dustin had no problem sleeping with
the sound of the TV blaring on in the room, the sound of Quinn’s voice pulled
him from his dreams, making him stir a little and then slowly open his eyes.
“I was asleep until a second ago,” he groaned, except maybe he was
actually thankful that Quinn had woken him up. For some reason, he could
remember every detail of his dream, every single detail. The scene had been so
vivid as if it had actually happened in reality. And the feeling was still
there, too, the tightness in his chest. It didn’t leave once he’d woken up. He
tried closing his eyes again, but there was no way he could fall back asleep.

Quinn smiled against Dustin’s chest.
“Sorry,” he said softly, moving his hand to rest on Dustin’s chest
and patting it softly. “Did you nap well at least?” he asked, looking
up slightly. He wasn’t going to be able to sleep at all again. He generally
wasn’t a big fan of napping, and it almost always made him more tired than he
was. “Because mine was pretty good. For a nap,” he admitted. It was
far nicer than he imagined waking up on Dustin like this. “You’re nice and
warm,” he said with a soft laugh.

okay,” Dustin said softly,
opening his eyes and blinking a couple of times. Everything felt weird.
Confusing. Like this was the real dream. “You are, too,” he replied
quietly, moving his arm down towards Quinn’s waist and pulling him a little
closer. He wished he had his phone. Fuck, why didn’t he still have his phone?
He just needed to make one call. One call to make sure everything was alright.
“You’ve met my mother, right?” he asked Quinn, hoping his answer
would be yes. “Like, you remember talking to her?”

Quinn smiled happily, easily shifting
along with Dustin’s arm. He paused, frowning slightly as he pulled away just a
bit to look at Dustin. “Yeah, of course I have,” he said with a
laugh. “Remember, when we were playing Borderlands. She came in and made
you all embarrassed,” he said with a small smile. They hadn’t even started
drinking at that point. Why wouldn’t Dustin remember that? “You okay?
Still sleepy?”

do remember that,” Dustin
replied quietly, relieved that this event probably had happened, that his mum
really did meet Quinn when they had been playing video games together. Because
that meant that she was really alive. Right? If Quinn and him remembered the
same event, that had to be true then? “And you also remember Lea opening
the door for you, right?” he wanted to know.

Quinn frowned again at the question,
this time fully pulling away from Dustin to sit up and look at him. “Yeah,
she opened the door and you were annoyed,” he said, quirking an eyebrow.
Why was Dustin suddenly asking all of those questions. “Why? It’s kind of
random to be asking all that stuff when we’re… you know,” Quinn mumbled,
gesturing to the bed and the fact that they had just been nicely cuddling.

Dustin’s frown deepened when
Quinn pulled away, although he could understand why he did so. “I’m
sorry,” he mumbled, letting out a sigh. “I just-” How the hell
was he supposed to explain this? Without sounding like he was just having a bad
reaction from a nightmare. This hadn’t felt like a nightmare. “I just sort
of remembered that my mum and sister are dead.” He sat up a little on the
bed, pulling up his knees. “I was just- dad was there and he wanted me to
go to the cemetary with him but I told him I didn’t want to because I never
knew them so it was no use.” His voice was quiet, but fast, almost
stumbling over his words.

Quinn’s frown deepened when Dustin spoke.
He knew that Quinn was having weird memories from the creature, but he hadn’t
realized what they were like. It was odd to think they were just as bad as his,
well maybe not just as bad. “Are they from that smoke creature?” he
asked softly. Quinn could never remember what it was called, despite the fact
that there was a file on it hidden away on his computer. “That sounds…
shit,” Quinn mumbled. His own were bad too, very bad.

Dustin shrugged. Honestly, he had no idea
what this was coming from, but if it did come from that creature, then all he
wanted to do was find it and make it stop giving him those weird thoughts.
“I don’t know… wish I knew though.” He resisted the urge to ask
Quinn for his phone to call the landline at home, just to make sure it what
he’d seen really did not happen before. “I’m sorry for ruining the
mood,” he mumbled, glancing at the other boy. Suddenly, he had a horrible thought.
Fuck, could he talk about those things with Quinn? Just like that? He didn’t
know what had happened to Quinn’s parents. What if they had died when he was a
child, and that was why he was living with the Manns? Fuck. He had just
possibly brought up horrible, real memories just because of something he
remembered that wasn’t real. Shit. “Also for bringing up stuff like
this,” he added quietly.

his lower lip, Quinn reached out and
took one of Dustin’s hands in both of his. “It’s okay,” he said
softly, giving his hand a squeeze. “My… mine have been pretty bad
too,” he said with a small shrug. Dustin was confessing his memories to
him, so maybe he should confess his own. “Um… so. I think most people
know this about me,” he said with a slight shrug. “But… ugh… the
reason I was adopted,” he paused. He chewed on his lip nervously. Quinn
didn’t want to freak Dustin out by telling him all of this in one sitting. But
he’d already started, so he probably should continue. “My parents were arrested
when I was young. They were,” he paused on the words, “Serial
killers.” He took a deep breath and continued. “And in my memory
things. I’m one too,”

the first few seconds, Dustin was
convinced Quinn was fucking with him. Because this was… this was something
else. Serial killers. There was no
way- Yet, looking at Quinn as he spoke, it was clear that this was not a joke.
Besides, Quinn wouldn’t make up a story like this after he had shared his own
problems with the strange memories. He wouldn’t. So that meant- that meant that
this was true, that this had really happened to him. Dustin was a little lost
for words. What the hell did someone say to a confession like that?
“Shit-” the words escaped from his mouth without his control. Fuck,
if Dustin had been adopted when he was 8 years old, that meant he could
probably remember everything, right? He moved his hand a little so he could
hold onto Quinn’s hand tightly. “Is- shit, are they dead? Your biological
parents?” Fuck, maybe this was not the most sensitive thing to ask, but he
needed to know if they were buried underground or if they were still out there
somewhere in prison. And then there was the last confession. The one related to
the memories. “Does this mean- are we seeing, like, our worst fears or
something?” As horrible as it was, at least this meant that the memories
definitely weren’t visions of the future in any way. Because the thought of
Quinn as a killer was ridiculous.

Quinn winced at the swear, breathing
heavily. He didn’t want to look up at Dustin’s face right now. Didn’t want to
see any disgust or fear or… anything. Quinn let the silence hang in the air
for a moment, not wanting to face the reality of what he had confessed.
“No. They’re in jail. I-,” he began, before the words started to
actually spill forward. “When I was young I hacked into the police
station. They traced it back to me, came in the house and found the basement
and…,” he looked away. “They’re in jail now,” he finished.
Quinn finally looked up at Dustin. His own eyes were downcast and filled with
worry. “Ugh. I don’t know. They’re- My parents aren’t in jail in them.
They’re still here so… I don’t know. They can’t be real,” he said,
sitting still and squeezing tightly onto Dustin’s hand. “You don’t hate me
do you?”

hacked into the police station? At the age of eight? Okay, Dustin probably had misheard something. That, or Quinn had tried to
hack into it and been caught. He’d have to ask him about this later. “Did
you- did you know about what your biological parents were doing?” Dustin
asked carefully. Suddenly, he was afraid that they had hurt not only other
people, but also Quinn. They were probably really brutal people, fuck. What if they had hurt Quinn? But
there was no way he was going to ask that now. Because if they had, he didn’t
want Quinn to have to think about it now. “They’re not real,” Dustin
confirmed. “It’s just- it’s visions of something completely absurd that
are meant to scare us. They’re not memories at all,” he said, biting his
lip. His mouth fell open a little when Quinn asked that last question.
“Fuck no,” Dustin exclaimed, grasping his hand as tightly as he
could. Meanwhile, his free hand came up rest against the side of his neck,
thumb carefully brushing across his skin. “There is absolutely no reason
for me to hate you, Quinn. They’re not real. You said so yourself. They’re not
real. They’re some kind of sick nightmares, I don’t know. I want them gone. I
want them gone from my head and I want them gone from yours, too.”

Quinn nodded slowly, almost
imperceptibly. At first he didn’t, but eventually he figured it out through a
variety of clues. He didn’t want to think about that though. “I did,”
he said simply, in case Dustin didn’t see him nodding. Quinn let out a breath
of relief. Quinn knew they weren’t real. Like, actually real. But it was still
terrifying. And the file he’d gotten was frustratingly vague about everything.
It was annoying. “I-I know they didn’t happen. But they just feel so real
and all of that…,” he shuddered, not wanting to think of all the blood
he’d seen in those visions. Quinn blinked, looking into Dustin’s eyes and
nodding. He leaned slightly into his hand. “I just… you know,” he
rolled his eyes slightly, trying to laugh it off. “There’s the whole son
of a serial killer thing,” he mumbled. “Two serial killers…
but…,” he mumbled, before leaning forward and wrapping his arms around
Dustin in a tight hug. “Thanks,” he said, mumbling the words into
Dustin’s shoulder.

Dustin frowned. He couldn’t really
imagine what it was like, as an 8-year-old child, to know that your parents
were hurting people. Killing them. You knew what killing was when you were
eight, right? It must have been the most horrible childhood imaginable. How had
Quinn turned out to be so nice after growing up like that? “I know, they
feel so real, it’s insane. That’s why I was so confused when I woke up. It
doesn’t feel like when you wake up from a nightmare. Because with those, you
immediately know it was just a dream.” As soon as Quinn leaned forward to
hug him, Dustin wrapped both of his arms around Quinn in returning, holding him
while he closed his eyes. “I don’t hate you,” he repeated, fuck, why
had Quinn thought he could hate him for telling him his secret? “I don’t
care about your parents, I only care about you,” he admitted, leaning his
cheek against the other boy’s head.

Quinn nodded. “Yeah, they’re
horrible. But… I can usually tell I think,” he said with a small smile.
Only because he knew, logically, that his parents were in jail. And that his
real home was different from the other one. “My life is pretty different
from that one,” Quinn admitted with a short laugh. In all the good ways.
Quinn smiled against Dustin’s shoulder, nodding and holding onto him tight.
“Thanks,” he mumbled again, before finally pulling away. “Can
we, like, talk about something better? Anything a little bit happier than these
shitty things…,” he gave Dustin a small smile.

of course, we can do that,” Dustin
replied and gave him a nod, biting his lips as he tried to think of something
to say that would cheer Quinn up a little bit. Finally, he remembered something
that wasn’t negative. “Oh! So, this is still about the visions, but it’s
not bad. Basically, I was waiting tables at some pizza place? And I remember
flirting with this girl, like, a lot, just to get a good tip. And it totally
worked! For some reason I was really smooth, I don’t know. And also, this
elderly woman called me cute and gave me a 50 dollar tip for just a small meal.
But later that night I dropped a few plates and my boss yelled at me.” He
smiled. “Wanna hear the pickup line I used?”

Quinn nodded, perking up a little bit.
He arched an eyebrow a bit. This was an odd story to tell him. Especially about
a girl. None of his visions were ever good. They always dealt with something
dark. It also seemed like his alternate self was even more secretive and kept
more to himself than Quinn actually did. “Well you are cute,” Quinn
said with a laugh, leaning in a little bit. “Yeah, sure. What was this
great line?”

up,” Dustin replied, chuckling
a little. He was glad that he had been able to make Quinn laugh, after it was
his fault that he’d been sad because he brought up the bad visions.
“Sooo… I was holding, like, a bunch of cutlery. And when I pass her
table, I come closer, and I hold up the cutlery, and I’m like, ‘I have all
these forks and knives, all I need now is a little spoon’,” he said,
grinning at Quinn.

Quinn smiled and shook his head.
“Nah, I like talking, so I’m gonna keep talking. And keep saying
that,” he said. He did feel a bit better about all of this. The visions
sucked, and so did his past, but right now he was spending time with Dustin. He
should be enjoying that. Quinn opened his mouth, about to speak, before bursting
into laugher. “Seriously?” he laughed, barely able to get the word
out. “That’s so bad,” he managed, taking a long, gasping breath
before launching into another fit of giggles.

Dustin raised an eyebrow at him.
“Bad? Bad?! It wasn’t bad! It was the smoothest pick-up line ever! And it
totally worked, she was really amused and also blushing and at the end of the
night I got her number, but way more importantly, a huge tip.” He hoped
Quinn wouldn’t take the story about the girl the wrong way. While he couldn’t
remember everything, one thing he did remember was that he hadn’t flirted with
her because he liked her. Besides, the visions weren’t true anyway. Just as he
was thinking about it, his stomach let out a loud, embarrassing rumble. Dustin
looked at him sheepishly. “Sorry.” It seemed like his body had
realised he hadn’t eaten in hours before his head did.

it was bad,” Quinn said with a
small smirk, “Because it didn’t work on me. If it was so good it would
have.” Quinn was in the middle of shifting his position to lay next to
Dustin again when he heard his stomach grumble. Chuckling softly, he reached
out and gave it a light pat. “Hungry?” he said with a raised eyebrow.
“We can go and grab a snack downstairs or something? We might actually
have cake for you,”

says it didn’t work on you?” Dustin
replied, grinning. “I mean, I already have your phone number, so. And I’m
in your bed,” he pointed out. “Ugh, kinda,” Dustin admitted. He
didn’t want to have to eat, he’d rather stay with Quinn in his room. He did
perk up at the mention of cake though. “I wouldn’t- I really wouldn’t be
opposed to that,” he replied. Remembering the memory of being a waiter in
the pizza place had really made him hungry. The memory wasn’t just visual, no,
he could remember exactly what the restaurant had smelled like.

he said with a laugh. “Yeah, but not because of that line. I haven’t even
heard it until now and you were already here, in my bed, without it,” he
countered with a small smirk. “So maybe it was something else that won me
over,” Quinn said simply.
“I figured you wouldn’t be,” Quinn said, slipping off of the bed and
grabbing Dustin’s hand. “C’mon, let’s go,” he said, giving a light

Dustin got up from the bed when Quinn
did, eager to fill his stomach, no matter if it was cake or not. Even though
he’d definitely prefer cake to anything else. When Quinn took his hand, Dustin
linked their fingers together, following him with a smile on his face.
“Are you going to tell me what it was that won you over?” he asked.

Quinn just laughed, moving over to the
door with Dustin. “Maybe eventually. Gotta keep some secrets don’t

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