Neven hated days like this, when his mom had no customers and he was home, because he had to endure her restlessness at full force. It was especially worse now that their dad was essentially gone, because as civil as she was to his ‘replacement’, Neven could tell she didn’t feel remotely the same about him. He was exactly the same and entirely different all at once, almost falling into a non-visible, personality based uncanny valley. Something just seemed so off about him, and not just the fact that he was from another dimension. Neven had no proof though, and he wouldn’t even know what he was trying to prove if he tried to find any. He was just strange in a way Neven couldn’t quite put his finger on, and he wasn’t entirely sure he ever wanted to find out.

His mom was currently forcing Neven to bake cookies with her, and his shoulder was actually starting to hurt with out much stirring he was doing. Thankfully, the doorbell rang and he let the bowl hit the counter with a clatter, using this as an excellent excuse to take a well deserved break from mixing. He wiped his flour-caked hands on his pants and headed toward the front door, peeking through the peephole first. A kid was standing outside, probably about sixteen or seventeen years old. He looked nervous and Neven could swear he looked familiar, but he was only seeing a little bit of his face. He yanked the door open.

“Hi, can I help you?” But as he finished his question and got a full look at the kid’s face, he realized where he recognized him. “You’re Dustin, right?” he asked with a snap of his fingers. He realized he sounded super weird asking that out of the blue. “I’m Neven. We talked online. I’m the huge nerd, remember?” Still sounded weird. “I recognized you from a picture on your blog.” Still really weird, Nev…”Um, what are you doing here?”

Standing in front of the door, waiting for
someone to hear the doorbell, Dustin briefly wondered if this was a good idea.
It wasn’t that he had a lack of faith in fortune tellers – he never met one, so
it was best to be open-minded about the whole thing, and so far this town had
proven that the most unlikely things to exist did in fact exist. He could heal
people by touching them. People with the ability to read the future weren’t so
far off.

Suddenly, the front door opened right in
front of him, revealing a person. Not exactly someone Dustin would have
expected, no. The person in front of him was just a little shorter than him,
with dark hair and brown eyes. He actually didn’t look too much older than him.
Okay, definitely older, but not a lot.

“Um, I’m here to-“ Dustin started before he
realised that the other boy had just spoken his name. For a second, he knew he
had definitely come to the right place when the psychics in this house could
tell his name by looking at him for just a second, but then the stranger went
on speaking and yes, he did remember speaking to that person online. However,
he probably never would have recognised him from the picture on his blog. It
was just so unlikely for him to run into the people he spoke to online in real
life. “Yeah, that would be me,” he answered, putting his hands into the front pockets
of his jeans. “Um. I do remember you, yeah. You’re the one with the insane high
school subjects. The person who didn’t get pissed off when I called him a nerd.”
He nodded slightly as he spoke. “Uh, what am I doing here? Not stalking you, I
promise,” he mumbled. “I, er, I’m looking for a reading? You’re not the fortune
teller, are you? Wait, you are. Like, this is the place and you just opened the
door. Wow, you’re just- anyway, is it okay I just dropped by? Or do I need to
make an appointment?” he asked, taking one hand out of his pocket to reach an
itchy spot on his neck.


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