was a high chance that this was the most ridiculous idea he’d ever had. Even
more ridiculous than breaking into a club through the bathroom windows. And
definitely more ridiculous than deciding at the age of ten that growing up in a
magical family meant that he was secretly a Jedi and that he would be able to
open doors using the “force”.  No, going
to a fortune teller definitely ranked higher on the score of the many ridiculous
things he had attempted in his life. His mum didn’t think much of fortune
tellers. She had told him that what fortune tellers were best at was not accurately
predicting the future, but figuring out the best way to get money out of their
clients. She had said that even if they weren’t lying about their abilities,
they were horrendous for using their abilities to make money. She always
insisted that while she used magic at work, she only did that to help, on top
of her actual workload. In the end, she had threatened Dustin that if she ever
found out he used his magic to earn money, he would be in bigger trouble than
he’d ever been in. Dustin wasn’t sure that was even possible. He’d been in
massive trouble before, lots of times.

his bike to the fence, Dustin made his way up the porch steps of the large, white
house, passing a sign that proclaimed that indeed, this was the right place to
have his fortune read. He rang the doorbell. Thank god his mother didn’t know
what he was up to… but he just had to know what was up with the strange phone
calls and the visions. Maybe, if something strange was going on with him, a
fortune teller could help. He didn’t quite know who else to turn to. The only
other people with magical abilities he knew were related to him, and he didn’t
want to alarm anyone before he knew what was really going on with him.  

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