Raj quickly noticed he should tone done on the
judgment. After all this was a school and people came here to learn.
He couldn’t expect people to know everything at this age. Wasn’t this
exactly the reason he was here? To help students by actually tutoring
them instead of mocking them for not knowing things. He could always
keep the mocking for people his age and above. “Hey don’t apologize
for not knowing something. If anything only apologize for not asking
questions and not expanding your knowledge.”, Raj relaxed, his
voice smooth and relaxing. He didn’t want to alert the teenager any
more than he apparently already had. “Oh well I just got back from
there. You should go, I think you would enjoy it. If only for the
alcohol they sell to 16 year-olds over there.”, Raj smiled, he was
surprised, too when he first found out about that fact. When the
other boy remarked that he had never been anywhere though he felt a
little pang of sympathy. Sometimes this town could make one feel a
little restricted, suffocated even. “You know you’re still young,
no need to rush things. There are still so many opportunities to
travel and to experience things.”

Raj waited while Dustin checked the flyer. Damn did
the boy just mention French? Raj had always weaseled around that
language. Sure he took Latin and Spanish, but French always seemed so
hard to pronounce, he never even bothered with it. He had to get to
it eventually, just not anywhere in the next ten years. At least he
hoped so. Raj felt his initial excitement die down a little, he
wouldn’t be able to help this boy. Especially not if the boy was
unwilling. Raj let his shoulders sag a little, not that he was
conscious of the motion, his body just expressed that hint of his
disappointment on its own. “Well the tutoring really wouldn’t help
you if you carry around this kind of toxic mindset. Humans evolved to
speak language. It’s the one thing that gives us the power to act
like fives on the trophic pyramid. The ability to communicate.”,
Raj was exasperated. He knew he somehow had to help that boy, come
what may. “It is literally what your brain was made to do.”, Raj
pulled out his phone checking his contacts. Maybe someone from his
circle knew French and would be willing to tutor?

His sudden burst of empathy notwithstanding he wasn’t
sure if he would actually be able to persuade anyone. But if the
boy’s parents really are offering that much money to help their son
then sure as hell someone should be found. “Yeah I really wish I
could help you! Especially after what you just said. I mean I’m
looking if a friend from uni can help you out here. And if not then I
might as well just sit down with you once a week while you stare down
at your French language book.”, Raj might as well just teach
himself French while teaching the boy. Although he really really
didn’t want to. “

but people apologise for not knowing things all the time. It would be sort of
hard to suddenly change that,” Dustin said and nodded his head a little. “Yeah,
I’ll just hop onto a plane and get over there as soon as possible, I mean it’s
that easy, right?” He rolled his eyes. He sometimes wished it was. That he was
free to spend his money on whatever it was he wanted. That he wasn’t so
dependent on his parents. Wait. What did Rajeev just say about alcohol? He
frowned. “They sell alcohol to 16-year-olds?” he asked, incredulous. “Aren’t
they afraid they’re going to get in trouble for breaking the law?” If this was
true, that was so unfair. “I mean,
why would I enjoy that? It’s not like I’ve had alcohol before,” he lied, a
small grin forming on his lips. “I am only sixteen after all.” Dustin shrugged.
He didn’t really know how much of his life he had in front of him. Sixteen was halfway
to thirty-two after all. And he could die any day. In this town, it was more
than likely that he wouldn’t grow up to be old. “I don’t know. I’d want to
travel while I was still young though. Like, later, aren’t you going to have a
job and a family and stuff?”

mindset?” Dustin questioned. “It’s not. I’m just being realistic. I suck at
learning foreign languages. That’s just the truth. I’m terrible at it and it’s
no fun to keep failing at something that others can easily do.” Maybe warlocks
developed differently. Yeah, maybe his inability to speak French had been
determined by his genes. Except Lea wasn’t as terrible as he was. “My brain was
meant to pick up languages after I was born. Not sixteen years later.” He wasn’t
too sure where, but didn’t he read something about a girl who was unable to
speak or learn English after not having had anyone speak to her all life?
Frowning, he watched Rajeev take out his phone.

As he listened to him
talk, a plan began to form in his mind. It was just a fuzzy idea at first, but
then it started to form a clear shape. He didn’t want him to find someone else
from uni who could tutor him in French. He didn’t want to spend hours spending
his parents’ money on a stranger trying to make him pronounce obscure French
words. It would be the worst waste of time and money ever. No. What he wanted was his parents to stop bugging him about
getting a tutor. Which they only would if he got one. Or if they thought he did. “Hey,” he said, looking
at Rajeev. “Hypothetically speaking, would you take half your rate if you didn’t
actually have to tutor someone? Like, if you spoke to parents about tutoring a
student but didn’t actually ever teach the student anything? Maybe just let
them come over to wherever you would want the sessions to take place? But you
could do your own thing the entire time.” 


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