[pm] I dunno how many numbers there are, but probably a lot. Actually, there are 604,800 possi That would suck. Because then I wouldn’t get to talk to you or see you after school and stuff. Or go on a second date. Not all of them. But the ones I like I do. Like Math. What do you do though? You can’t do much can you with only a second to look?

Yeah. If all ten numbers are random, it’s insane how many possibilities there are. Maybe a bit less with the area code. I know… I wouldn’t like that. I mean, I could always sneak out, but if I were caught all hell would break loose… Right, maths is pretty great. So is Physics. I don’t know, I’m just replying to people and check what other’s are writing, I guess. And it’s mostly more than just a second. Practise makes perfect. I’m the master of being on my phone during class.


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