Noah: First of all, you are under 18 therefore still a kid. Secondly you’re the one who started that. And woke me up from a wonderful dream about a nice hike, so you’re condom kid for now. And it doesn’t sound like an emergency but. [Noah sits up straighter in his bed] it does sound a bit weird. Have you been doing this with anyone else? Or am I the only one? Also how do you feel at the moment?
Dustin: I’m not. A kid, that is. I’m a teenager. A dream about a nice hike? Who the hell dreams about that? Sounds like I saved you from a very boring dream. I don’t know. What do you mean, calling people when they should be sleeping? I guess. I called my friend super late a few days ago but I really needed to talk to him anyway. And the rest of the time when I’ve been calling people it was normal times of the day. I think. Like, in between breaks at school and stuff.

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