[pm] Yea. It was all, well, complicated. But the school counselor recommended therapy for me for a couple different issues, and my uncle thought it would help. So to therapy I angrily went. 

You can have sex multiple times in one night. Like… that is a thing you know. I had a full blown werewolf sex drive in a prepubescent human body I had to literally DO something about it or I was liable to go insane. And I’m not going to lie to you. I enjoy sex. So yea I was, and still am pretty into it, even though i’ve slowed down a bit. 

And there is a lot of porn that is pretty absurd. So just trust me on this one. 

[pm] Complicated? You keep making it sound like there’s this really interesting story behind this but you’re only teasing little bits of it. Sex, pregnancy scares and god knows what else? Your high school life was more interesting than mine is, and I’m a fucking wizard

Wouldn’t you be super tired though? Oh, cool. I mean, nothing wrong with that. I guess? I have no clue

Okay, I’m trusting you. 


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