[pm] Dude, half the kids who have sex in their teens aren’t doing it because they love their partner, they’re doing it because they are insecure about their body, their love life, their lack of “experience”. So yea there are plenty of insecure assholes having sex. I can guarantee you. And how did it happen? Broken Condoms. Missed Pills. You do the math. 

Depends on how many you buy? I mean i’ve never seen anything over a 36 pack in Ashkent but depending on how much sex you are having even that can go quickly. Also fun fact. Condoms do expire. And that can be bad too. 

And you can have sex pretty much anywhere to be honest. 

And that the spirit!

[pm] Oh, I didn’t know that. The people at school who I think are having sex always seem like they’re super into each other. Oh, wow. But it’s good it was never more than a scare, right? This sounds scary I’m never having sex with a girl ever my mum would murder me if I got anyone pregnant

36?! Who the hell needs 36 condoms do people even have sex 36 times a year Oh, how quickly would that package go? Like, for you? Also I never thought they sold packages that big with that many condoms, thought they came in like 5-packs or 10-packs. 

Not anywhere


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