How am I supposed to know about allergies? They’re weird. You never know in this town. What if there was a creature that hated mugs? It’s totally possible.

Who is going to steal your pizza? A pizza stealing gremlin? Your sister? C’mon. I think you can hold onto your pizza. I think it’s impatient. But then, I’m not the one burning my mouth all the time.

I don’t know. Don’t people in your family have allergies and stuff? A creature that hated mugs? That seems very likely. Why do they hate mugs? What’s their backstory?

If there may be creatures that hate mugs in my house, a creature that steals pizza is far, far more likely to exist! And my sister is very capable of pizza stealing. It just looks too good. Too good to be left alone to cool down. I love pizza so much. 


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