[purposefully sent in a regular message] I would have told you to go see the school nurse before your dick possibly gets you in deep shit. But thats just me. And you’ll be surprised at how many of the statistics people spout about the many types of intercourse are wrong, outdated, or have a religious bias about them. Also seeing as how you can’t even say the word a lot of the times when talking about sex I would have to think the PM was more for your benefit. But if the young man demands.  

[pm] You’re such a dick, do you know that? Like, you made your message more embarrassing on purpose. I hate you. The school nurse? I work for the school nurse. So no thank you, I’d like to keep working there without having to hide everytime I see her. Wait, how can any type of sex be wrong? Also, not saying the word doesn’t mean you don’t know shit about it. Besides, I just said the word. Sex. There. I said it again. 


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