[pm] Good. Now don’t become who I was in high school and my work here will be done. 😉

And dude you shouldn’t have to hide, talking about sex is natural. Even with the school nurse. Plus they are like obligated to give out free condoms and seeing has how you’re probably a poor student who doesn’t want their parents to know about their escapades I’d take advantage of that. Also I’m not saying sex is wrong. I’m saying that facts people say about sex can sometimes be wrong. 

But it does mean you probbly are uncomfortable with or scared of it. Which is also perfectly normal. 

[pm] Wait, what were you like in high school? Oh my god, how many girls did you get pregant?!

Okay but since I work there, I can just take whatever I need without her having to hand them to me. That would be so embarrassing. Not that I’ve ever actually taken any condoms from there before I mean you should probably kiss someone first before expecting to lose your virginity. I’m not poor, I get pocket money. I probably couldn’t buy anything expensive without my parents noticing, but I don’t think a packet of condoms would put that much of a dent into my savings. But like, I have a 14-year-old sister and they believe in threating is absolutely equally so there’s a strict door-open policy when I have girls in my room. I’ve never had a girl in my room though. So my parents aren’t exactly cool with either of their kids having sex. Oh okay. That makes more sense.

I’m not scared of sex! What about it would I be scared of?


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