Uh, sorry? But you should sign up because then you can get access to the pictures sections and oh dear fates let me tell you, you want access to that pictures section. 

Out of university for a while now, and just finished up all my actuarial exams. All done with school and fully into the work-force. Oh, how I enjoy the sexism of the world. Of course men can talk as openly as they want about their sexuality. Not that it matters, I’ve already received every word a women can get for being open about these kinds of things. It doesn’t bother me and I care little of what others think. This stuff is only ever as private as you want it to be. And you can probably talk to your father about it, or your mother. Or a friend. If you did do it, and wanted to talk about it. And of course, there’s always the internet to talk about it on.

Wait, are you signed up then? Oh my god. Trust me I do not want access to that pictures section. I have not actually seen that pictures section since I am not signed up but I can imagine what it will be like.

Actuarial exams? What are those, if you don’t mind me asking? Hey, I’m not saying men should openly talk about that stuff. Just that they do sometimes but women generally don’t. Or I don’t know. Maybe that’s what women talk about in, like, book clubs and stuff. Wait, are you actually suggesting I should talk to my parents about it? No way. No way in hell. But if you talk about this stuff openly on the internet, that means that all your friends plus parents plus coworkers or anyone else can see it. 


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