I don’t know ask the people of . It might be a kink. Really, I’m not an expert on this. You can sign up for and ask them. 

I believe a part of me died when you mentioned school. I haven’t had to attend a class in years and I am grateful beyond words. I would never let anyone make fun of me for masturbation, not that it’s even something I partake in regularly. People tend to be irrationally prudent about certain topics. There’s no harm in it, there’s no harm in discussing it. 

Okay, so I tried putting in that url just for fun to see what it was and now I’m seriously scarred for life.

Oh, so you’re not in high school? Or college? You’re very lucky then. But people wouldn’t make fun of you for masturbation, just for the fact you talk about it openly. Especially if you’re a girl, right? That’s a little weird. And I don’t know. That stuff is private. I wouldn’t even know who to talk to abou this. Not that I do it.


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