was just about finished hanging the QR embellished poster on the wall
when out of the blue a finger made it’s way to touch the poster. Once
more Raj was startled. He had to get used to sudden movements it was
starting to get embarrassing startling every time someone spoke to
him unexpectedly. He turned around to the voice. A boy, seemingly a
teen, with blond hair, was looking at the poster. 


raised his eyebrow at the boy, slightly baffled at the boy’s
statement. Incredulous as to how ignorant Americans could be he
sighed. Sure Raj knew most Americans didn’t care about European
landmarks but this was like pointing at the Eiffel tower and asking
if it was the tower of Pisa. “No this is actually the Brandenburg
Gate in Berlin, Germany. Pillars similar to that have been used in
ancient Greece, but this is THE German landmark.”, Raj explained
trying hard not to sound too condescending, just the slightest hin of
his venomous arrogance shining through his tone. After all this boy
might be interested in tutoring if one could interpret his second
question as interest.

nodded affirmative. “Yes, I’m the one offering my service in
language tutoring. Why do you ask, are you interested in learning
German or Spanish?”, now it was Raj’s turn to ask the questions. If
this was a potential customer he should put on his nicest attitude.
It was hard though for him when people were obviously less
intelligent. He felt like the intellectual barrier stopped him from
properly communicating. “If you are, which of the two languages
would you like to claim as your focus? And do you have any questions?
My hourly rate is at about 25$.”, Raj liked getting the
bureaucratic stuff done, a habit he’d picked up in Germany. He bowed
down to grab a flyer from his bag his ponytail slightly coming loose
as he looked down.

handed the boy a flyer. “My name is Rajeev Robinson if you were
wondering. This is basically what is on that poster in flyer form if
you need to show your parents or anything.”, Raj smiled at the boy
with his business smile™
he introduced himself. He always came prepared for any eventuality. At the same time he hoped he didn’t come across as too desperate. It
wasn’t like he needed the money from tutoring actually, Raj had
another job to take care of the money making. He was doing it for fun, it was just something
he liked doing. Giving other people knowledge and the ability to
acquire even more of it on their own. He’d even consider a
career as a teacher if the pay weren’t so shitty. Too bad that it actually is. While he waited for the boy to reply he pulled the hair band from his ponytail only to resfasten it a second later. 

lowered his gaze as he noticed the stranger raise his eyebrows at his
questions. Of course he’d been wrong. It actually would have been surprising if
he’d been right, considering his completely incompetence in anything related to
geography. “Sorry,” he mumbled sheepishly, hoping that he hadn’t offended him
in case he was actually German or Greek. He probably was. Because why else would
you be able to tutor different foreign languages if you weren’t a native
speaker of at least one of them? “I didn’t know that. I’ve never been to
Europe,” he tried to explain himself. “Or anywhere else, really.” Dustin was
always a little envious about these people that seemed to travel around the
whole globe, even though he’d not met many of them.

shook his head, but he still took the flyer, just to be polite. “I’m not good
with languages,” he replied. “I’m actually failing French at the moment. I’m
supposed to get a tutor, I don’t know. It’s such a hassle to find someone. And
I’m not even sure if tutoring would really help me. I’m just not made to speak
a foreign language.” He shrugged. It didn’t actually matter to him that he was
failing. Not really. It wasn’t like he actually studied for the class or put
any effort into it, so it was all right. There were more important subjects out
there. More important things in life than knowing how to properly conjugate
French verbs. Why couldn’t his school offer Latin classes? At least that would
be useful to him as a warlock. But no, of course they didn’t. Because this was
high school, free from any topics that were even remotely interesting. His
teachers always seemed to love picking out exactly the most un-interesting
topics in a subject to teach for a whole semester.

watched the other guy take off his hair band only to pull his hair back into
another ponytail a few seconds later. He didn’t know too many guys with hair long
enough to fit into a ponytail. He’d never let his hair grow so long, he would
look ridiculous. But this guy was somehow able to pull it off well. “Sorry,” he
said, his smile apologetic. “Pity you don’t give French tutoring or you would
have been able to get all that money from my parents. My mum is so desperate
for my grade to improve, I think she even would have paid you a lot more.” He
shrugged. “I don’t really care either way. It’s just not my best subject.”


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