Like snowmen with some sorta of demonic face– wait, did you say move? Like some bad Frosty the Snowman gag? It didn’t look like there were people in those snowmen. Did I hit people?

Ditto, I hate the cold, dude.

I did say move. For, uh, no reason. And maybe like some sort of evil Frosty? I don’t think there were people inside the snowmen. That would be physically impossible Yeah so much more impossible than snowmen moving you’re so smart Dustin But if they looked demonic, like you said, it’s probably better to avoid them if you see things like them again? Either that or run them over with your car?

Same. I can’t wait for summer, when I don’t have to make the decision between freezing to death and looking like a bundled up penguin every time I leave the house. 


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