It is. Winter is terrible. Awww is someone tow-headed and pale? We can’t all be latin hunks like me but you should try some special sun screen? I know they make super high SPFs so you could tan without the danger of… you know… turning into a giant tomato.

I do! PS4 and my friend Quinn built me a sick computer for gaming. So… pretty much spend equal time between those two things. You?

Well most people are shitbirds so I say we earned those gold stars. I mean you guys are the sexual majority. Not really anything to be open minded about. 

I mean, I am pale and a natural blonde, but not that blonde. Definitely not white-blonde. I’m not Latin, but who says I’m not a hunk? Urgh, but sunscreen is so sticky and it smells so bad. 

Same, I play on both my PS4 and my computer, although that both were store-bought. Quinn?

Yeah, but it’s straight people who are, like, trying to take away your right to marry and stuff. So it’s good you don’t hate us all for that.


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