[pm] None of the games I play are online, though I’m sure I could beat everyone if I tried. You could start with something more simple, if you wanted.

Oh, why not? I’ve always found comfort in books and reading, especially fictional worlds. Worlds where things are different

At it’s base, yes. Oxytocin has been labeled the “love” chemical. Of course, dopamine, endorphins, serotonin and both sex hormones play a part in it, but that’s more for the initial attraction than the feeling of love itself. I don’t know what I view it as. People tell me all the time I’m probably lucky, but what’s life without emotional experience? It’s kind of like– how can I be happy or excited if I also don’t feel sorrow? There’s no light without dark. And of course, the age old saying “It’s better to have loved and lost than never loved at all”. I go back and forth, I guess. I don’t have an opinion either way because Love is just chemicals, love isn’t real Aesthetic attraction is liking the way something looks or presents. You can have an aesthetic attraction to someone and not want to date or have sex with them. And to answer that last question, yes– I sleep with people even though I’ll never have feelings for them. It’s called being aromantic. The lack of romantic attraction. 

[pm] Oh, I wasn’t playing against anyone, it was simply a game hosted on a website. You sound very convinced that you would. What would you say is something simple? I’m really good at some games, just not at the strategy games.

I used to, as a kid. But now I don’t really have the time, and it’s almost easier to just watch a tv show or play a game on my computer. Because when I read, it’s mostly nonfiction now.

Yeah. It’s so strange to think that love is just something chemically inside our brains. Like, it feels like it should be more. I mean love in general, not romantic love. But it’s not like you can’t feel any emotion, right? If it’s just love that’s missing but you can still care, maybe that’s not too bad. Because if things like happiness and sadness and anger exist, it sounds like a pretty emotional life. I don’t know about that saying. I guess it’s correct. I’m curious about what it would feel like to experience falling in love. Like, for real. But I say that now and I don’t even know what it would feel like to get hurt that way. Oh, okay. So, like, if I think that what my sister is wearing today is pretty? Would that classify? Oh, I didn’t know it was called that. What’s it like having sex with people you don’t have feelings for? Everyone keeps saying that sex is about a connection between two people. Like, if you love someone very much and if you fully trust them. 


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