Right? I know, it’s completely ridiculous, the whole system is ridiculously glitchy. 

I mean, not technically? But dude, I… did not do great, or didn’t feel I did great, and I still got into UMA. It’s scarier in your head, and ultimately it’ll be fine. Seriously. It’s just a loop to jump through.

Yeah. Fuck the system. It doesn’t actually make us more intelligent, it just makes us more miserable.

That’s good to hear. No one ever says stuff like that, it’s all like “you need to start studying or else you’ll do bad on your tests and you won’t be able to get into college bla bla bla” And like, I don’t want to spend all my time studying for this test. It’s just such a waste of time I could spend doing more important stuff. So, are you in college now?


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