[pm] On the contrary– there are infinite ways to win. It’s about strategy. No one strategy will work every time, and there are always multiple different ways to approach situations. 

I guess it might not be a common word, but people deduce things all the time.

It was a medical diagnosis. It didn’t feel cruel to hear, it was actually kind of enlightening. I didn’t have to feel think I was broken anymore. And I don’t know, I guess that depends on your definition of what love is. Of course I can still care about someone, but I’ve never felt love before, I don’t see why I would suddenly start.

[pm] The only thing I remember from playing strategy games is that in Plague Inc there is usually only one way to win. 

Maybe, but they never talk about deducing things.

Oh. Okay. So before, you thought you were broken because you didn’t feel the things other people felt? I mean, I’d say caring and love are pretty connected. So maybe if you really care about someone, you maybe love them. Doesn’t have to be romantic love. 


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