[pm] To each their own. To me, that’s what makes the strategy fun. The harder, the better.

Well, his methods of deduction are based on actual strategies that detective’s use, so I suppose that’s accurate.

A child psychiatrist. And I was a teenager. My sister I went to see one to emancipate myself because I needed a psych eval. And yeah, all love. It’s a personality disorder. I would assume so? There’s a difference between platonic, familial, and romantic love.

[pm] I think I’d get frustrated. Because often, there is only one way to win, when really, there should be a lot of ways.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of the word ‘deduction’ used in a context that wasn’t Sherlock Holmes related.

That’s still something pretty cruel to say to someone. Oh, okay. Is it like, all black and white? Like, you’re certain you could never feel even the slightest bit of love for someone? 


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