[pm] Who was Hayden again? That girl you met at that bar? Yeah I guess that’s true. Maybe they know about them though? And know I’m just a kid who is curious about stuff? It looks like they really care about letting people know about stuff. At least Brett did.

Probably not. She’d probably be scared about telling people about it you know? Like, she wouldn’t know how I’d react to something like that. I definitely will. You can come over and look at them or whatever. Or I can send them, or something. Nope, not yet.

[pm] No, that was Molly who I met at the bar. Hayden I met outside another bar when she told the bouncer that I was underage and her little brother. Hm, yeah. But anyone could be an evil warlock in disguise. Oh, was Brett who told you about the Scribes or did he just lure you alone into a forest?

Yeah, you’re right, she definitely would be. Like, I can imagine it must be hard because it’s not exactly something you can go around and tell people about. Yeah, that sounds good. I mean, either. Like, I’d be happy with either. Whatever you prefer. Not yet? What is that supposed to mean?!


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