[pm] Right. You meet too many people at bars and you don’t even have a fake. Er… both? You make it sound a lot creepier you know.

Yeah. It’s kind of like coming out I guess. Different, but similar. I mean, most people probably won’t believe you if you’re a wizard or whatever unless you show them. Yeah, we’ll figure something out. I dunno. What if you actually are an evil warlock in disguise?

[pm] Two people, and one was outside a bar. You’re just jealous I managed to get into one without a fake. I’m not making it sound creepy! Just stating the facts.

I mean, I’ve never come out as gay or a wizard so I can only speculate about their similarity. Just, being gay is kinda normal, is it not? Whereas you really can’t argue that being able to do magic is normal. But I don’t know. Okay, cool. Well… would you really stop talking to me then? Since you seemed to think magic was ‘awesome’ wouldn’t that outweigh the evil part? Besides, I actually like you, so it’s not like I’d hex you or anything. 


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