[pm] Maybe? I mean, if you couldn’t find them though then you couldn’t get it. And most people don’t believe in the supernatural or know the Scribes exist. So I’m sure it’s pretty good.

I’d hope not. But she’s okay. Can be nice sometimes. I mean. I’d wish she told me earlier or something. And I’d want her to show me how her magic works. Because that would be awesome. That’s pretty much how I reacted. Not yet. But I haven’t read through the whole file yet. There was a decent amount in them all and I got a few. You’re so mean.

[pm] I mean, you’re probably right. But when I met Hayden she immediately told me about the Scribes even though she didn’t know me. Besides, I think the people who really could do a lot of damage with that info probably know about the supernatural already. Like, warlocks who want to use magic for bad stuff.

So you wouldn’t be super mad at her? I mean, I guess I can understand. Magic is awesome, and you can’t ever really be mad at someone in your family. You should really show me the other files some time. If you want to, of course. I know. And still, you’ve not stopped speaking to me.


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