[pm] I sort of It was more One of them gave me the files. I had to pester him a lot though. Doubt I can get any more though.

Right? That’s what I thought when I was reading into it. I mean, I don’t really know how to differentiate? Maybe we could find a wizard or something to verify? A couple on creatures? Just some random ones that looked interesting. And the thing that attacked me. Apparently it’s a Harpie. Really? You should go, that sounds like it would be fun. I’m jealous. 

[pm] That’s so cool of him, who was it? I would have thought it would have been Molly, but you said him… And I don’t know any male Scribes. For a while I thought they were like nuns

Dustin, your helpful neighbourhood wizard, is right here Okay, but how would you even find a wizard? It’s not like we can go around asking people if they can do magic. I think if it’s coming from the Scribes then it’s probably correct? Oh, the bird thing? Because harpies are supposed to look like giant birds, I think. At least in the legends. Pfft, you have no reason to be jealous! You, who pestered a Scribe into giving him those awesome files! 


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