[pm] That’s.. I don’t know if I would ask them or not. Yes of course, everyone is welcome as long as they are supportive. No hate allowed at pride. You’re right it would have been worse if something really bad happened. I can’t imagine what it would feel like if somebody cheated on me. Really bad I’m sure. I guess the only way to really tell is to ask them if they are flirting or not. And I am not brave enough to do that…. nor am I brave enough to join a club if it exists. Heck there is always online dating. But dating isn’t a huge priority anyways.

[pm] Do you think they’d say no? Or wouldn’t you want them there? Yeah, I definitely wouldn’t go to pride to hate on the people there. I just wouldn’t want things to be awkward, because it’s really shitty to pretend to be gay just for the fun of it, right? I’m really glad no one’s ever cheated on me before. Hell no, why would you ask someone if they’re flirting? It would be soooooo awkward if they said no. You seem pretty open about being gay, what’s wrong with joining a club? Oh, is there like a lesbian version of grindr?


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