[pm] Oh my gosh. Hey, I’d totally march in the pride parade! I’m so proud! I’ll be decked out in rainbows throwing glitter. It’s okay! Her family was moving, she didn’t really have a choice. Her dad’s job was relocating or whatever. We decided it would be better to just stop dating rather than try to do a long distance relationship. I miss her a lot. I guess I’m open to dating, but I haven’t really met anyone else I have those kind of feelings for yet.

[pm] From what you’ve told me, that doesn’t surprise me at all. Who would you go with if there really was a pride parade in town? Oh, okay. So at least the break-up was mutual then? That’s good, right? Yeah, I guess it can be difficult finding someone who’s interested in dating. But I wish you good luck with finding a cute girl in the future!


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