[pm] I feel weird even taking about it. And I am awkward, it’s kind of my thing. No it’s not that I’m ashamed I’m just not really good at social kind of stuff. I never have been really. Everybody always said I was weird. I don’t know what grindr is, so….. [googles it] Oh, like a a dating app? Maybe there is. I don’t know, I’ll have to look into that.

[pm] Oh, sorry. Yeah, I guess it might be kind of awkward talking with my parents about this stuff as well. I’m not even sure if my mum would let me go to pride. Not because of the gay stuff I hope. More like, she doesn’t like events that could be unsafe? Oh, okay. But you’re talking to me now? And you don’t seem that weird to me. Ha, you should ask your brother what grindr is, he likes to pretend he’s using it Not sure if dating is really the term? I’ve heard it’s for finding people to hook up with.


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