Neither, actually. I’m very tangible and not at all a hippie. I eat meat and drink coffee out of plastic cups.

People under the age of 21. And…nope, that’s about it. I get drinks with strangers all the time. How else are you supposed to meet new people?

Of course. I imagine it would be quite difficult to write on a computer if you’re not tangible. Unless you can make sounds and are using voice recognition to type. Nothing against eating meat, but who the hell drinks coffee out of plastic cups? What happened to mugs?

You wouldn’t drink with people under the age of 21? How very ageist of you. I don’t know, at your workplace maybe? Or by talking to them? Getting drunk with a stranger sounds like it could lead to a total disaster. They could be a total idiot and then you might have to endure their drunken rambling.


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