Molly: No. You can have sex whenever you want to whether you’re in a relationship or not. The two of us just aren’t ready I guess. But there’s no time you have to wait. Don’t tell your parents I said that.
Molly: He is very attractive. He’s also very attractive without a shirt on. Muscular and stuff.
Molly: Natural or not it’s still weird to talk about. Regardless, it definitely doesn’t start bleeding from my thigh.
Dustin: Okay. I didn’t mean that you have to have sex. I was just curious, like if you were going to wait until marriage or something. Also my parents wouldn’t want me having sex no matter when.
Dustin: I haven’t seen your boyfriend without a shirt – and I don’t want to – so I can’t comment on that. But lucky you!
Dustin: Unless you rip your stitches. Then it does start bleeding from your thigh, ha.


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