[pm] Because of the whole, vampires are sexy thing on TV. Like, that’s what’s hot now. Yeah, they have to practice, but once they do then they can do it as much as they want. So, it’d be totally cool to do that! Why not? There’s so much going on who knows. I feel like I’ve just scratched the surface. Yeah, they do. 

[pm] Right, I guess Vampire Diaries really helped with that. Not to mention Hemlock Grove. Okay, but what if casting some magic actually uses your own energy? You couldn’t do it as much as you like then. And you’d need to be careful not to waste magic on something that you could do just as well without magic. Me too. I really should check out that library Hayden mentioned. I can’t wait to actually read books about the supernatural. Like, real stuff, not just myths and legends.


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