[pm] Augh, that’d be boring. Besides, I like talking to you. Well, seeing as you seem to know much more about all this shit than I do, I think that’s a good deal. Plus I’m always getting attacked for some reason. See? That’s pretty badass there. Isn’t every life like that though? Everyone has those periods of just boring stuff. Video games are fun though, I mean, probably boring to watch on a movie, but still.

[pm] Fine. I guess I’d talk to you, too. Yeah, you seem to get attacked an awful lot. Also, I work in the nurse’s office at school, so I guess if you do get mauled by some weird supernatural creature I could patch you up. Watching some movie, it feels like some lives seem to be a neverending adventure. And no matter how fun video games are, would you seriously watch me build an underground subway tunnel in Minecraft for eight hours straight?


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