The rest of the world? Pretty average. Normal. Certainly no werewolves running around at least not that I’ve seen. Well yes and no. Maybe I’ll some typical graphic design work but ultimately I want to use what I learn to branch out my online comic into something more. I’m taking a lot of art classes also. I used to draw everything by hand, but I’m slowly getting more digital and I use my tablet for the stuff I post on my site.. and it’s a good fallback for if the whole comic thing doesn’t pan out. As my parents say it’s a “real job.”

[pm] No I meant what is it like to be adopted but I guess maybe you don’t want to talk about that Werewolves?! I didn’t know there were fucking werewolves running around! Jesus. Your own online comic? That sounds pretty fucking cool. What’s it about? Hm, I don’t see how producing comics wouldn’t be a real job.


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