[pm] The Manns adopted me when I was ten. It’s definitely weird and I’d like to learn about them if I could. Even just to know why they named me Quail. There have been people talking about it, I guess there was a full moon and lots of crazy howling and people getting bit. That’s just the rumors of the town though, but with all the other crazy stuff I wouldn’t put it past the town for it to be real… It’s okay! It made me stronger and stuff. It’s no worries. A– stripper? Wow…

[pm] So did you live with your biological parents before- wait, the Manns adopted you? Do you have a brother called Quinn? Hey, I’m sure there are ways to find out more about them. Yeah, maybe it was just a few wild wolves or some dogs with some sort of illness going crazy. So, have you seen any of the other “crazy stuff”? Maybe it made you stronger now, but it still must have really sucked back then. Ha, nope. I was just kidding. And you totally fell for it.


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